Chapter News

The Las Vegas Bastards 2018

Yes the he is . The 2018 Bastards winner . “The Kevin Williams “ . In a briskly 90 degree Las Vegas spring chill Mr Williams fought off over 30 medio’s to take home the coveted Big Check as well as the sport hat wear . Kevin has already booked a parade down the Las Vegas strip to celebrate his monumental victory . Thousand will be lining the strip to pay homeig to the Las Vegas bastard ! Kevin is already fielding offers for guest appearances at local shows on the strip as we speak . Autographs will be available as soon as he releases his 4x6 glossies of himself  from the printers . Well done mr Williams , please don’t let success go to your head because you will be playing from the tips next time .The KEVIN Williams will not be accommodating us to havasu because he has a prior engagement with jimmy Kimbell that night . 

The field was full of veterans as well as some much needed new recruits that i have a good feeling are gonna make a splash in the MGA . I would like to thank the El Presidente for clarification of the shot gun start caption for our 42 members . Now I don’t get to be asked “is it a shotgun start “ anymore ! We had one of our best tournaments to date , there was more laughter on the course then cheering , we kinda all sucked on this day but it was entertaining as hell ! Can i say hell on here ? Oh to Hell with it ! 

We had a run of people fighting for the Red Key Challenge for some unknown reason ,, Nobody wanted to be Mediocre on this day ! Thank to everybody who showed up and those who’s hangover were wearing off after a late Saturday night in vegas ,,Thanks for not getting sick ! We know how to roll in vegas . One final thanks goes to the cart girl for being there for us and thanks for being eye candy ! 

Event Results

1."The Kevin Williams"86$1.26
2.Randy Harman87$0.84
3.Garth Meacham88$0.70
4.Zack Harman89$0.60
4.Robert Shannon89$0.60
6.Joe Neilson91$0.49
7.Taylor Stevens95$0.28
7.James Miyasato95$0.28
7.Rob Melvin95$0.28
7.Eric Lamont95$0.28
7.Rick Mosca95$0.28
12.Gabriel Rios98$0.07
12.Scott Flanigan98$0.07
14.Jerry Thompson99$0.05
15.Eric Callner100$0.04
16.Ron Stoppable102$0.02
17.Janet Veloz104$0.00
18.Jordan Jarvis105$0.00
19.Heather Gorey106$0.00
20.Brian Sweeney109$0.00
21.Robert Vallecillo111$0.00
22.Shaun Gonzalez112$0.00
23.Brian Eller118$0.00
23.Rich Young118$0.00
25.Scott Ferguson119$0.00
26.Tom Connor 135$0.00