Chapter News

The Las Vegas Bratish Open

We had a hell of a time trying to finish this round out here in Las Vegas . !08 degrees and humidity like were not used too ! The good news is we crowned a new champion .Zack Hartman came home with the big ass check !

We had multiple player stop playing because this is not vegas conditions , where was our dry heat ? For those of us who survived , i thank you ! We also had our previous winner do something thats never been done before ,,, we quit after 1 stoke on the course ! Tee’ed It up , swung and popped a ankle !! He just didn’t want to play the black tees , guess what , you owe us a black tee round when ever you mangina is fixed . That’s right Scott Flanigan ,, no hiding under a skirt , black tees are waiting.

i know you guys don’t like royal links but i do ,, bahahahah . Next time maybe they will have a cart girl , restaurant  and nicer service . Righttttttt ! We will have to see , there was some great shots out there for those of you who ventured into the bunker scene . How do you lose a ball in the bunker ??  We had so many people hitting from there knees it looked like a hooker convention . 

Great job to zack again !! Congratulations,, see you at the worlds !

longest drive - Brian Eller 

gross award - Anthony Carrillo   ( I’m glad you have all those penalty strokes )

red key - Willie Diaz ,, I think hes making a collection of these 

and of course i had to get my name in here ,,, Closest to the pin _ ERIC LAMONT !! 


Thank again to everybody for surviving this weather ,, The Midwest can have this humidity.


see you at the next tournament,,, It’s gonna be a great one !

Event Results

1.Zack Harman87$1.26
2.Eric Lamont89$0.84
3."The Kevin Williams"91$0.70
4.Rob Melvin92$0.56
4.James Miyasato92$0.56
4.Anthony Carrillo92$0.56
7.Bruce Morrill94$0.39
7.Randy Harman94$0.39
9.Brian Eller96$0.28
10.Garth Meacham97$0.18
10.Heather Gorey97$0.18
12.Josh James98$0.07
13.Robert Shannon100$0.06
13.Ej Krueger100$0.06
15.James Sheldonpape102$0.04
16.Ron Stoppable103$0.02
16.Scott Ferguson103$0.02
16.Eric Callner103$0.02
19.David Bakanas104$0.00
20.Clint Cartwright112$0.00
21.Rich Young113$0.00
22.Jerry Thompson114$0.00
23.Marco Farrarons118$0.00
24.Willie Diaz143$0.00