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Las Vegas douche bag

Better late then never . The Las Vegas douche bag is in the books ,, i was so excited to win that i forgot to write a article about how great i was !  That’s right , 3 years after joining i have finally won my first big check . I owe it to everybody that dq’ed and basically posted higher scores so i could win ! I’m going to worlds !!   The douche bag is always a favorite because you never know what your gonna see and boy did we see it !! Look out 2019 ,, 2018 has set the bar .

one more tournament for the year and then its the Worlds !!! 

Special thanks to all the Las Vegas MGA players for such a great turn out every year and for all the support !  You guys make this chapter the best in the country and I’m proud of you !  All the credit goes to you guys and gals . Thank you very much. 

Your local El Presidente,


Event Results

1.Eric Lamont87$1.35
2.Garth Meacham88$0.78
2.Scott Ferguson88$0.78
2.Gabriel Rios88$0.78
5.James Sheldonpape91$0.56
5.James Miyasato91$0.56
7.Anthony Carrillo93$0.41
7.Ron Stoppable93$0.41
9.Scott Flanigan95$0.26
9.Zack Harman95$0.26
11.Brian Eller96$0.10
11.Christopher Twist96$0.10
11.Robert Shannon96$0.10
14.Brian Hoisington98$0.05
15."The Kevin Williams"99$0.04
16.Robert Vallecillo102$0.02
17.Aaron Cross103$0.00
18.Rich Young109$0.00
19.Brian Sweeney110$0.00
20.Marco Farrarons113$0.00
21.Sharon Witt118$0.00
24.Clint CartwrightDQ$0.00
24.Joe NeilsonDQ$0.00
24.Rob MelvinDQ$0.00

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Congrats dude, Finally right?!!!