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Las Vegas douche bag 2021

It came down to a putt off to see who was gonna be named the Las Vegas Douche bag winner 2021 and the douche is ,,,,, Anthony Foster !  Great job! 

We give Mr Foster a hard time all the time but were glad to call him our winner !  He's going to the worlds !! Thanks go out to sienna golf course for allowing us to donate a few balls into there backyards . Our very own Ron Stoppable tried to dethrone Foster but Foster kept his cool and won the putt off . 

Event Results

1.Anthony Foster84$1.35
2.Ron Stoppable84$0.90
3.Nick Bird86$0.68
3.David Shapiro86$0.68
3.Larry Rogers86$0.68
6.Bruce Morrill88$0.45
6.James Sheldonpape88$0.45
9.Eric Hamilton 89$0.23
9.David Martinez89$0.23
9.Eric Callner89$0.23
12.Clint Cartwright90$0.08
13.Joseph Conley92$0.05
13.Joaquin Macias92$0.05
13.Kevin Williams92$0.05
16.Anthony Carrillo93$0.02
16.Matthew Graham93$0.02
16.Chris Crain93$0.02
16.Peaches Pich93$0.02
20.Jerry Thompson94$0.00
20.Eric Lamont94$0.00
20.Brian Madrid94$0.00
20.Will Carrilllo94$0.00
24.Brett Norris95$0.00
24.Garth Meacham95$0.00
26.Robert Cook96$0.00
26.Aaron Wojciechowski96$0.00
28.Jeff Matson97$0.00
28.Rey Paulino97$0.00
30.Jon Ellison98$0.00
31.J.T. Keough 99$0.00
31.Scott Ferguson99$0.00
33.Scott Flanigan102$0.00
34.James Miyasato103$0.00
35.Collin Martinez104$0.00
35.Beau Hulse104$0.00
35.Mike Sliffe104$0.00
35.Jeremy Matson104$0.00
39.Ricky Williams105$0.00
39.Carlos Rivera105$0.00
41.Brian Sweeney107$0.00
42.Nima Jahromi113$0.00
42.Bradley Crews113$0.00
44.Mike Conder121$0.00
44.Mario Ulloa121$0.00
48.Joe NeilsonDQ$0.00
48.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00
48.William DayDQ$0.00