Chapter News

Las Vegas f.u. open

Please welcome the newest Big Check Winner !  Seth Mcclintock just walked away with a big ass check for winning the F.U Open at Bali Hai !  With a record field of 80 players and coverage from around the world Seth held off a ferocious field that was hunting him down like a dog . Thanks to 18Birdies we were able to see the scores and know who we were hunting ! It Looked liked EJ Krueger had a chance but with a incredible 11 on hole 18 EJ  chocked like a medio should ! Special shout out to seth , jedd and terry ,, what a grouping !!  1st,3rd and 4th ,,, i want what ever there cart was drinking !! And yes , terry di beat 70 plus guys while being 7 months pregnant ! With my newly equipped weight gain I thought i might have the sam luck but i only collected 0.08 for my efforts !! P.s. , i sucked !

huge shout out to Bali Hai for helping us with our tournment !  Wish we could have hung around and had a normal ceremony but k**fing Coronavirus is still in charge ! I promise to make this up one day ,, especially to all our new players ,, afterwards is usually so much fun ,,

Event Results

2.Ej Krueger87$0.90
3.Jedd Snaid89$0.75
4.Terry Bartmus90$0.68
5.James Sheldonpape92$0.41
5.James Miyasato92$0.41
5.Shane Robb92$0.41
5.Jon Ellison92$0.41
5.Jordan Jarvis92$0.41
5.Garth Meacham92$0.41
11.Luke Fendrick93$0.08
11.Eric Lamont93$0.08
11.Richard McDonald93$0.08
11.Brian Freymueller 93$0.08
11.Larry Rogers93$0.08
16.Ron Stoppable94$0.02
16.Eric Callner94$0.02
18.Anthony Foster95$0.00
18.Mitchell Roth95$0.00
18.Jeff Boggs 95$0.00
18.Jeremy Matson95$0.00
22.Brian Sweeney96$0.00
22.Ronald Reitz96$0.00
22.Anthony Carrillo96$0.00
25.Spencer Corben97$0.00
25.David Shapiro97$0.00
25.Bruce Morrill97$0.00
25.Mark Gomez97$0.00
29.Travis Small98$0.00
30.Jason Gassner99$0.00
30.Dustin Burns99$0.00
30.Jeremy Linford99$0.00
30.Clint Cartwright99$0.00
34.Patrick Petrie100$0.00
34.Jeff Matson100$0.00
36.Brian Hoisington101$0.00
36.Dave Williams101$0.00
38.Robert Cook104$0.00
38.Brian Madrid104$0.00
40.Bruce Schneider105$0.00
40.Eric Hamilton 105$0.00
42.Robert Vallecillo107$0.00
43.Christopher Spratt108$0.00
43.Mike Conder108$0.00
45.Collette Sinnott109$0.00
45.Ken Keegan109$0.00
45.Samantha Smith-Corben109$0.00
48.Mike Davies111$0.00
49.Marco Farrarons112$0.00
49.Brett Guimond112$0.00
51.Kevin M Williams113$0.00
51.Scott Ferguson113$0.00
53.Rich Young114$0.00
53.Jon Swanson114$0.00
55.Rob Melvin115$0.00
55.Sharon Witt115$0.00
55.Aaron Cross115$0.00
58.Amy McClintock116$0.00
59.Andrew Fletcher118$0.00
60.Ray Fletcher119$0.00
61.David Bakanas121$0.00
62.Bradley Crews123$0.00
63.Nick Bird124$0.00
64.Lauri Sampson128$0.00
65.Brogan Jones162$0.00
71.Joe NeilsonDQ$0.00
71.Christopher TwistDNF$0.00
71.Ryan JankowskiDNF$0.00
71.David TwistDNF$0.00
71.Thomas CrossDNF$0.00
71.Jimmy JonesDNF$0.00