Chapter News

Las Vegas The MGA 2019

What a day . Las Vegas crowned a new winner !  Maria Rances and her husband signed up to join the mga just a couple of weeks ago and guess who took the big check home with them . Congrats to Maria Rances,  she beat 50 Guys and 2 other lady’s to bring home the big prize . Joe shot a cool 110 . Man thats a house thats split . Thank you guys for joining . We had a incredible showing of over 50 players , its a record for Las Vegas mga . When this chapter started to grow i thought what did i get myself into,,,, well after doing this i can honestly tell you I’m excited . It’s great to have this big community of golfers and friends .

Coyote springs did not disappoint as usual . Worth the drive .this is such a great track and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves even though we might have donated a bunch of balls . We battled thru wind , cold and some rain to finish our round . First time ever that we did. this course and it wasn’t 100 degrees . 

We had some strong finishers this round . Chris Twist came in at a solid second place and terry and Jeff boggs had a nice 3rd place finish. 2 women in the top 3 and thanks jeff for not   Disqualify. The money board is gonna be a tough board to crack this year but it will go down to the last tournament this year . Good luck to everybody .  

The second largest chapter thanks everybody who came out to enjoy a great round of golf . 

Event Results

1.Maria Rances91$1.35
2.Christopher Twist92$0.90
3.Jeff Boggs 94$0.71
3.Terry Bartmus94$0.71
5.Jimmy Jones95$0.60
6.Anthony Carrillo97$0.49
6.Rob Melvin97$0.49
8.Robert Vallecillo98$0.34
8.Ron Stoppable98$0.34
10.Anthony Foster99$0.23
11.Clint Cartwright100$0.15
12.Daniel Biggs101$0.08
13.Bruce Morrill102$0.06
13.Eric Lamont102$0.06
15.Ryan Jankowski103$0.04
16.James Sheldonpape104$0.02
16.Gabriel Rios104$0.02
16.Josh James104$0.02
19.Scott Flanigan105$0.00
19.Patrick Petrie105$0.00
21.Jeff Matson108$0.00
21.Chip Houcek108$0.00
21.paul wilkins108$0.00
24.Robert Shannon109$0.00
24.Jerry Thompson109$0.00
24.Ronald Reitz109$0.00
27.Jeremy Linford110$0.00
27.Joe Foti110$0.00
27.Jedd Snaid110$0.00
30.Rich Young111$0.00
31.Kevin Williams112$0.00
31.Ray Gonzalez112$0.00
33.Brian Hoisington113$0.00
33.Scott Ferguson113$0.00
33.David Bakanas113$0.00
36.Garth Meacham114$0.00
36.Steve Swinton114$0.00
38.Ej Krueger118$0.00
39.Marco Farrarons122$0.00
40.Aaron Cross124$0.00
41.Ej Larson125$0.00
42.WILLIAM DERRY131$0.00
42.Thomas Cross131$0.00
44.Brian Sweeney134$0.00
45.Nigel Trujillo148$0.00
46.Aniolka Doremus150$0.00