Chapter News

The Las Vegas mga 2020 aka corona year

After a long wait , Las Vegas mga is off and running . We wanna thank Coyote Springs for hosting us and our large chapter . We welcome our first big check winner " James Miyasato " we had 60 golfers out there and yes we had 1 winner !!  Hard to get money in our chapter so you better enjoy those checks ! I wanna thank all our members for showing up and swinging sticks ! It's amazing having such a large chapter and having such dedicated members . 

We battled corona virus , heat , wind and snakes out there but Las Vegas mga came thru !  It was nice having a non-gathering after the round out in the middle of the desert so we could figure out our winner . All checks for the top 15 players are in the mail . Awards will be handed out at our next non-gathering . 

Event Results

1.James Miyasato90$1.35
2.Anthony Carrillo92$0.78
2.Patrick Petrie92$0.78
2.Christopher Twist92$0.78
5.Daniel Biggs94$0.49
5.James Sheldonpape94$0.49
5.Bruce Morrill94$0.49
5.Terry Bartmus94$0.49
9.Chip Houcek95$0.30
10.Dustin Burns96$0.19
10.Brian Freymueller 96$0.19
12.Joe Neilson97$0.08
13.Tim Lewis100$0.06
13.Garth Meacham100$0.06
15.Jedd Snaid101$0.03
15.William Day101$0.03
15.Dustin Lowe101$0.03
18.Spencer Corben102$0.00
18.Eric Hamilton 102$0.00
20.Ron Stoppable103$0.00
20.Shane Robb103$0.00
20.Jon Ellison103$0.00
20.Brian Sweeney103$0.00
20.Brian Eller103$0.00
25.PJ Dalven104$0.00
25.Aaron Cross104$0.00
25.Eric Lamont104$0.00
28.Richard McDonald105$0.00
28.Dave Williams105$0.00
28.Jeremy Matson105$0.00
28.Clint Cartwright105$0.00
32.Josh James107$0.00
32.Mike Conder107$0.00
32.Scott Flanigan107$0.00
32.Ej Krueger107$0.00
36.Jeff Matson108$0.00
36.Mark Gomez108$0.00
36.Mitchell Roth108$0.00
39.Larry Rogers109$0.00
39.Luke Fendrick109$0.00
41.Sharon Witt112$0.00
41.Rich Young112$0.00
41.Mike Davies112$0.00
44.Kevin M Williams113$0.00
44.Travis Small113$0.00
46.Ronald Reitz114$0.00
47.Andrew Fletcher115$0.00
48.David Twist118$0.00
48.Robert Cook118$0.00
50.Marco Farrarons120$0.00
50.Thomas Cross120$0.00
52.Anthony Foster122$0.00
53.Collette Sinnott123$0.00
54.Samantha Smith-Corben124$0.00
55.Ray Fletcher126$0.00
56.Robert Vallecillo129$0.00
56.David Bakanas129$0.00
56.Scott Ferguson129$0.00
59.Lauri Sampson143$0.00