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Las Vegas MGA presents “THE MGA 2019 “ the second largest chapter Is ready to tee it

This is a big day for the Las Vegas mga . This will be the largest launch ever . We have 50 registered golfers at one of the most amazing golf courses in Nevada.  Coyote springs is in for a big surprise . Mediocre golf at its best . We might not be the largest chapter  Like the DFW  chapter but we are the best overall chapter hands down. My medio’s are driving over 1hr to get to the course and try and win the big check . My medio’s are the best in all the lands. 

James Sheldonpape will be leading the way since he will be playing from the tips . Better bring your binoculars to see the greens .

Rich Young has the honors of playing from the lady’s tees with his Red Key !

make sure you have the code to 18 birdie so we can monitor all 50 golfers .  Tournment code is 2939 and if Jon Morley wants to monitor the second largest chapter he can use the gallery code of 9345 . 

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Ugghhhh...please do not confuse us with DFW. We are North Dallas. We are nowhere near cattle.