Chapter News

The last gasp 2018

The Last  Gasp is in the books . 2018 Las Vegas MGA is in the books , we have come , we have conquered , we have owned all the mga chapters ! We are VEGAS ! James Miyasato is our 2018 last Gasp Champion on a tough tough Revere Golf Course .  Scores were higher then a Cheach and Chong convention . Revere was the big winner today as it roared its ugly head at us and said “ I’m ready for you in the worlds “ .  I wish i could say we had some great showings but at least we had some nice pictures of a pretty place , 

Event Results

1.James Miyasato98$1.12
2.Zack Harman98$0.68
2.James Sheldonpape98$0.68
4.Ron Stoppable99$0.56
5.Jerry Thompson100$0.50
6.Bruce Morrill101$0.40
6.Brian Sweeney101$0.40
8.Eric Callner102$0.31
9."The Kevin Williams"103$0.25
10.marc wedding105$0.19
11.Garth Meacham108$0.12
12.Josh James111$0.06
12.Eric Lamont111$0.06
14.Jordan Jarvis112$0.04
15.Scott Ferguson117$0.03
16.Willie Diaz133$0.02
17.Rich Young152$0.00