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Long FORE-gone, But not FORE-gotten

IEMGA Rookie Medio Ryan Davis Recovers from his 98 at The Bastards to shock the IE with an 82 gross (+2 net) to take home his first trophy and Big Check


A 3 way tie for 2nd left 3 Medios in contention for the Chapter Money List all wishing they'd finished one stroke better in the "richest" tournament of the year.


And... 1/2 THE FIELD BREAKS 100 (Net) but 95% of Medios take no pictures... 



MENIFEE, CA-  Oh, About a Month Ago, The Inland Empire MGA gathered at Menifee Lakes Country Club to contest The FORE! Championship on the Palms Course. The weather was unseasonablly overcast and cool and all but one Medio who only wants to exist in 81-82 degrees F, thouroghly enjoyed the relief from the early summer sun. The 8:30 am Shotgun was also nice. Many Good Shots were wasted on the range and Many Bad Shots were carded on the course but there were a few standouts... 


Ryan Davis shot a stellar round and now finds himself in 2nd on the Chapter Money List (CML). He won by a wide margin of 6 strokes, although he only beat Tommy Gun by 1 stroke for Low Gross. Tommy who finished in a tie for 2nd, still leads the CML on the season. He also swept most of the awards including Kinda Long, Kinda Close, and the Stat of the Tournament: Most GIR's, enjoy the free rounds, you earned um!


2017 Mediocre Golfer of the Year, Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia has been on a tear this year with two finishes in the Top 5 and a Top 10. His rise from Mediocrity has not gone unnoticed, and the friendly golfer now has a target on his back at 3rd on the CML.  


2017 IEMGA CML Champion, CL Jstar had his best finish of the season and has hacked his way back into the Top 10. He also thought he'd won his 2nd career Kinda Long until Tommy Gun crushed his drive, and my dreams. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Alex Larson claimed his first Red Key with a 121. In doing so He becomes the first IEMGA member to win both a trophy (New Year's Scramble) AND a Red Key. Now that you've hit the highs and lows, let's shoot for Most Mediocre! 1 of his 121 strokes did win him Kinda Long Putt at least so it wasn't all lows. 


But wait... what;s this .... beep beep burrrrrrp.... IN BREAKING NEWS, THIS JUST IN !!!: The Inland Empire chapter is at it again! Earlier this offseason the IE signed MGA Free Agent, Ray "RayGo" Gonzalez away from Las Vegas MGA to a One Day Contract after which he was promptly traded to the Los Angeles MGA for Medio Andy Atherton. That move made sense to most when you look at the numbers, but In a stunning turn of events, IEMGA Medio Lt. Dan (Peters) has volunteered to be traded away to the PITTSBURG MGA. For this New Medio on the rise, all the IE was able to get in return was " a Player to be Named Later". This is the kind of deal that's a real headscratcher. I mean, Peters is "going home" and all, and everyone loves that story, but to lose a Medio like that who is consistent and ready to hit that next level, you just hate to lose that ... what'dya say Jim (Imaginary Co-Anchor apparently) 

And...Back to the action. One tournament after shedding his "19" strokes on One Hole Record to Ricky Dick's 23, OG Tim Minamyer shot his best Tournament Round to date with a 90 (92net). Funny thing is that it took his BEST MGA score EVER to finally RAISE his Handicap to where he's giving Zero Strokes for the First Time!  "Screw You" Kyle's handicap strokes have also dropped off despite him playing his best golf in years. Now down to giving 4 strokes and playing the FU Open on a "home" course, Kyle remains the odds on Favorite to win the Next Major... And after he does that, Tim can rise like a Phoenix and overcome Phil Mickleson's early stigma of best player yet to win a Major. But I'm getting ahead of ourselves, Kyle finished the FORE! in 3rd place Gross and 8th place Net.


Neil "Aspiring SuperVillan" Ashworth also had a standout round. His 91 Net was One stroke shy of making it a 4 way tie for 2nd. His swing is an intoxicating mix of Power and Ellegance. Be Afraid, be very very afraid, or he'll leave you Shaken, not Stirred.   

Other than that, Anthony Gallardo won his 1st Most Mediocre, and Gramicane won yet another Meltdown Award. Matt Denaple won one too.  Brian Whitworth hit the Least amount of GIR's and won a hat for his efforts (or lack there of). Lawrence Kelly finished in the money just in time to go under for bicep surgery... hope you can make it back by the Last Gasp! Anyways, There were other stories told, of close misses and utter failures, but you've heard all of them before. Next time take more pictures and less shots (of the golfing variety) and we'll see ya'll out there!

Event Results

1.Ryan Davis84$1.71
2.J "far from a star" Olson90$0.98
2.Tommy Cochran90$0.98
2.Christopher Garcia90$0.98
5.Neil Ashworth91$0.76
6.Tim Minamyer92$0.67
7.Chad Youngquist93$0.52
7.Kyle Rossi93$0.52
9.Ryan Konkler94$0.38
10.Tanner Henry96$0.24
10.Graham Shelton96$0.24
12.Gilbert Tiedt98$0.10
13.Mike Kemp99$0.08
13.Daniel Peters99$0.08
15.Anthony Gallardo101$0.05
16.Lawrence Kelly102$0.03
16.Jeff Muesse102$0.03
16.Jeff Olson102$0.03
16.Brian Carson102$0.03
20.Brian Whitworth103$0.00
20.Daniel Gurbada103$0.00
22.Matthew Denaple106$0.00
23.Rockin Ryan 108$0.00
23.Howard Henry IV108$0.00
23.Markus Doll108$0.00
26.Richard Dunham111$0.00
27.Elliott Browne113$0.00
28.Alex Larson121$0.00

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Ha-ha "intoxicating mix of Power and Ellegance" easily the best thing ever said about my golf.