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A lot Bigger, Slightly Less Shitty: ABQMGA Am-Am

Albuquerque, NM -- Six years after nine newly minted medios shit the bed in the first-ever ABQMGA Rebel Beach Am-Am, the chapter returned to the scene of the crime (that's another story for another time) for the 2018 version of the MGA's season-opening team event. Long story short (So even Lamont can finish it):

- Rich Baca beat Jason Berrier in a drunken putt-off showdown of sophomore medios, having both shot 90 while drinking like it was the Wade Boggs Challenge.

- Rudy Ramirez and Malachi (last name redacted to protect, like, everyone) finished third and fourth, respectively, to take the team title, but the chapter leader forgot the team trophies, which makes like three of the last four Am-Ams he's pulled that shit, the exception being last year when Diego was filling in. 

- 26 mediios registered and participated. Miraculously, no weddings were harmed.

- Diego and Burger dressed like bikers. You had to be there. Words fail me. Or maybe there's a picture. Not sure if the new MGA website is visual media friendly, so we'll all just cross our fingers and hope for the skin-tight, fake-tattoos and helmet-wearing best.

- Newcomers Kevin Causey and Jeff Joerg finished second, with Joerg sliding from a tie for first to seventh while suffering from everyone's favorite malady, first-timer five-score-entering disease and the five strokes that came with it. Causey finished in a tie for fifth with still rattled Boggs Challenge winner El Matador, and also edged John Kelly for the long drive.

- Aaron Garrett's ride came before he could find out Berrier beat him for closest to the pin

- Andrew Griego and newb Frank Dutton looked fabulous in go fuck yourself hawaiian shirts, but Griegp's golf game did not match his shirt game, and he was rewarded with a red bottle-opener. You wouldn't know it from looking at the results, because the list of stupid things pulled off by El Matador is long indeed.

- That dumbass chapter leader also forgot to have the winner open the envelope with what was almost certainly a bronze ticket, so we'll have three trophies and two envelopes at the Bastards. If we're lucky,,,,,

Event Results

1.Rich Baca90$1.12
2.Jason Berrier90$0.74
3.Rudy Ramirez Jr.92$0.62
4.Malachi O'Neil93$0.56
5.Kevin Causey94$0.47
5.Sean McAfee94$0.47
7.Kevin Burger95$0.31
7.John Kelly95$0.31
7.Jeff Joerg95$0.31
10.Diego Esquibel97$0.19
11.James Schol100$0.12
12.Frank Dutton101$0.05
12.Aaron Garrett101$0.05
12.Bruce Hinds101$0.05
15.Jay Jenkins103$0.03
16.Ryan Polk105$0.02
17.Tim Murphy106$0.00
17.James Rhodes106$0.00
19.david ornelas113$0.00
19.Jody Hunt113$0.00
21.Todd Tabet114$0.00
22.Andrew Griego115$0.00
22.Travis Tabet115$0.00
24.Sofian Himeur117$0.00
24.Andy Schol117$0.00
26.Tammy Dorwart124$0.00