Chapter News

Love wins big check and meltdown!

Knoxville MGA held their 6th annual Last Gasp at Patriot Hills Golf Course. Weather wasn't the greatest, as it rained two days beforehand and on and off all day while we were playing. I give that thanks to Korey for not giving us his daily tournament weather update! We had a shotgun start with only 20 players making it out for the day. Hole #17 had some action right off the bat.... as Jake Bandel with his first swing and first shot of the day, hit the green and the ball rolled back into the cup for a HOLE IN ONE! Shelly on the same hole showed the guys how to get on the green in one and par it is as well! Hole #3 Fred said that his ball is teed too high and has to lower it a bit, next swing wouldn't you know it........he pops his drive straight up in the air to go a total of 10 yards! Hole #5 Chuck (the lethal weapon) Norris played about 5 shots and a club throw before making it past Fred's drive! Update of the Lethal Weapons fairways in regulation......1 or 12! Mark Love who shot a 37 on the front and melted down on the back, on hole #9 made eagle from off the gree after reading his shot for 36.5 minutes! Shelly on hole #18 was playing around too much and almost fell out of the cart......well that story could be twisted a bit, the cart almost turned over as the cart paths were slick from the rain........didn't get the name of that driver! However, I do believe it made her play better as she cashed in on her first check of her MGA career!

Mark Love after shooting a 37 on the front shot a 50 on the back and still held off the field to take home his second Last Gasp Trophy! The Chapter Money winner went to Martin Niezgoda, as he already had it in the bag from the last tournament. He got to take home a sweet belt!

Other Award winners:

Long Drive - Martin Niezgoda

Closest to Pin - Jason Pruitt

Most Mediocre - Max Ratterman

Meltdown - Mark Love

Key to the Red Tee - Michael Grider

Gross - Jason Bowers

Long Putt - Max Ratterman

Most 10's Trophy - Charles Norris

Want to Thank our sponsors:

ICC International

Alison Pruitt of Health Markets

Rocky Top Lawn Care

William Hickman Attorney at Law

Event Results

1.Mark Love87$1.12
2.Fred Tipton90$0.74
3.Jason Bowers91$0.62
4.Sean Fay94$0.50
4.Jake Bandel94$0.50
4.Jason Pruitt94$0.50
7.Korey Whitlock95$0.31
7.Martin Niezgoda95$0.31
7.Bill Hickman95$0.31
10.Austin Putt101$0.19
11.Patrick Stambaugh102$0.09
11.Justin Paul102$0.09
13.Max Raterman107$0.06
14.Shelly Henley117$0.04
15.Spencer Orick119$0.03
16.David Ashburn124$0.02
17.Charles Norris128$0.00
18.Darrell Roberts132$0.00
19.Michael Grider135$0.00