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Madison Enshrines 6 to Inaugural Class of Hall of Fame

Over the last off season I was coming up with ideas to spice things up with the Madison MGA.  I thought of stableford scoring for trophies, strippers at events, and last maybe creating a Hall of Fame for our chapter.  After running it by a few members the Hall was a unanimous choice to start.  After a lot of consideration I nominated 6 of our founding fathers who had an impact on our chapter. 

Rob Misora (first chapter leader)

Chris Besting

Rob Koth

Seth Nicholson

Bernie Coens

and Tyler Ambroziak

Our first inductee was unable to attend, but currently still lives in Wisconsin with his wife and 2 children.  Chris Besting competed in 15 event and finishing with 4 wins.  Always showing a positive attitude, Chris never got in his own head while hitting bad shots.  I asked Chris to write something for me to say to the group today and this is what he had to say:

First off, I must thank Mr. Nozzle for his work not only continuing, but growing the MGA after the founding father, Rob Misora. He is the John Adams of the Madison MGA. With that said, the induction for me is a reminder:

that if you're struggling playing right handed, do not hesitate to switch to left handed (or visa versa)

if you happen to hit a port-o-john off the tee, play it as it lies

to dedicate every tee shot during the FU Open to "american" things. Some recommendations include: past presidents (FDR), food (beef jerky) and american icons (chuck norris). Screaming these dedications DURING your tee shot is even better

and finally, that we never get to play as much golf as we want and should appreciate every single shot we get to take; good, bad and ugly. Cheers to the Madison MGA! Stay Mediocre my friends

Our 2nd inductee was able to attend.  Seth Nicholson had a scoring average of 98.2 in the 15 event he played while being a member of the Chapter.  One of my best memories of having Seth in our group was that he always brought his drone to an event.  This made for excellent footage for our videos we made in 2017.  Seth was always known for showing up for his tee time 2 minutes late and just going into the round dry.  Seth had an  excellent round as a guest at the Douchebag today.  One thing Seth stressed to our current members was to go to Vegas.  You will meet some crazy fuckers. Please help me welcome him to the Hall of Fame.

The Third member inducted today was our original chapter leader Rob Misora.  Rob finished his career shooting a 102 average in his career. Here is what Rob had to say regarding his induction.

To Madison MGA members, fellow founding fathers, random old guys drinking beer in the clubhouse and the token past-her-prime bartender; I am humbled to be enshrined to one of the most elite groups in golf.

I knew I put the MGA in good hands when I saw the videos, creative ideas, and Hall-of-Fame idea. Mike – thank you for keeping things going and hopefully you’ve picked a good successor to maintain the lineage.

When I heard about the MGA on a video game podcast several years ago, I never thought it would culminate in such a prestigious honor. The concept of golfing with people that are worse than me, sounded so appealing, but it turns out, I’m worse than most. Not only did I start the MGA to golf in a stress-free environment, but I also started it as a way to meet new people and hopefully make new friends. It worked!

To Rob, Tyler, Bernie, Seth, & Chris. I have fond memories of the times we spent both on and off the golf course during the first few years of the MGA. Thank you for believing in this crazy idea and helping it grow beyond our first outings with only five people. You were all integral in either helping me keep things organized, gathering scores at the end of a round, or recruiting other members. I look forward to our annual golf outing that Tyler is organizing (location TBD).

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Jenn. Without her support I wouldn’t have started this and none of you would be there. She had a direct role in recruiting during the MGA’s first years. She is the top of this pyramid scheme and deserves all of the credit. So much so, that each one of you should send her a text to thank her, right now. Please text the following to 608-616-2826

“Thank you for your support in the starting of the Madison MGA. I’m a better man because of you, but not a better golfer.” Include a kitten GIF if you can. She likes kittens. Thank you for enshrining me as an MGA immortal and I wish you the best in your quest to hit below an 80.

**The only MGA member to score below 100 both right-handed and left-handed,

Rob Misora

**not confirmed, but most likely

The next member to join the Hall is Bernie Coens. Bernie's greatest feat he accomplished while a member of the MGA was winning the Fantasy Golf league.  Scoring an average of 98.1 Bernie is a 2- time event winner.  His highest Global ranking came in 2015 when he finished 74th.  Bernie was very humble during his acceptance speech, stating he was very happy to see where the chapter is headed.  24 golfers for a tournament at the end of the season is a huge step from 4 in the first season.  Congrats Bernie.

The Fifth member to join the prestigious hall is Rob Koth.  Rob won 7 tournaments while in the Madison Chapter while adding another 2 after joining the SFMGA chapter 2 years ago.  One of our most consistant players. I enjoyed at Robs last tournament, every Madison member was waiting for Rob at 18 green giving him a champions ovation.  Rob sent in some words for me to read on his behalf.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see this day. Seriously, who the fuck sets up a Mediocre Hall of Fame? :)...

I still remember the day when the Godfather (Rob M) sat down at my kitchen table in early 2014 and told me to bring up this MGA website he had heard about and recruited me to help get this crazy thing started. The moment I read the insane rules and concepts, I was hooked and knew my life would never be the same. In that time, the MGA has introduced me to killer dudes like the other guys being inducted today, sent me to Vegas where I learned there are people all over the world as crazy as us, and filled up my house with more worthless junk than I know what to do with.

When I escaped the WI wasteland and jettisoned off to CA, joining a new MGA chapter was at the very top of my to-do list -- and allowed me to instantly meet a new group of guys that have become my best friends out here. Honestly, this club that we are part of has been instrumental in my life. I have met guys from as far north as Yellowknife Canada (above the arctic circle) down to Tampa FL, from Boston to LA, and everywhere in between. (Everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once and you'll have a whole new appreciation for the power of this Mediocre group we are part of). I am so glad that this Madison MGA chapter lives on, and I urge everyone listening to this to keep it going - you never know what it will end up meaning to someone in the future.

Sincerely -- Thanks again for inducting me into this minor-league of Hall of Fames. It is an honor to be inducted with my other fellow Founding Fathers, who are some of the most genuine, awesome guys I know (who are also all terrible at golf). I will be thinking of all of you in about mid-January while I'm still out on the golf course, suckers!!

Our final inductee is Tyler Ambriziak.  Tyler is our last active foundng fater remaining.  This league was pretty much made for him.  In 26 tournaments he has never broken 100.  101 is his closest round.  He did win the trophy for the FU Open in 2016.  Tylers best gross score finish is 3rd, and worst finish is 24th.  131 is his worst score and is a multiple Key To The Red Tee winner.  That is just for this year. HAHA.  But in all seriousness.  I couldn't be happier for him to be inducted to thie prestigous group. 


So Congrats to Rob K., Rob M., Bernie, Seth, Tyler, and Chris.


Next Spring we will announce who is eligible to join this first class in 2019.