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Madison FORE! Championship 2020

On Saturday, July 11th, 20 Medios gathered to compete for the FORE! Championship at Lake Windsor. We were immediately thrown a curve ball in that the first three holes were closed due to high water. Luckily this course had some extra holes that were were able to play instead, and we were off!

At the end of the day, James Hickman walked away with the big trophy and check! He also took down the Gross Award. Other award winners included Jeremy Lewis (Most Mediocre), Sam Fenker and Sam Wauford (Meltdown), Micah Latey (Longest Drive), Jason Natrop (Closest to the Pin), and Angel Lopez (Key to the Red Tee).

James was nice enough to do a write up, which is below.

We'll see you in your patriotic finest on August 1st for the FU Open!


My Win by James Hickman

I started the day at Chik Fil A on East Washington, opting for the Chick-n-minis (smalls foods make me feel like a giant, helps with confidence on the course). Thanks Chik-Fil-A worker, the pleasure was all mine. No time for a warmup - other than the restroom - and learned we were playing 1 and 2 on the exec course. My golf app never had the correct layout for Lake Windsor, so being confused and lost for the first couple of holes was no problem for me. Our round started with Sean hitting a draw into the fairway (is that allowed?) and we hit the course in surprisingly temperate weather, I walked instead of riding to save some cash for white claws later on.

We had a great time and each played some decent golf on the front, avoiding several near lost ball scares with balls in the mud. Tyler hit two laser hybrids from the rough in front of the tee box that traveled 225+ through the air. Angel won "most annoying playing partner" award due to hitting many straight drives into the center of the fairway. Sean battled inconsistent putting greens with a decent ball striking round to shoot a 97. I always play better with a fun group.
This day, I played aggressively off the tee with decent results on the front nine - no real trouble and 7 pars, 1 birdie to show for it. Things came back to earth mid round as I shanked a bunker shot on 9 leading to a triple and 8 over from 9-12. I settled things down with a par on 13, then a neat little 9i into 14 and an easy four putt double. During this time, I kept a close eye on stalwarts Sam Zagone and Austin Pfundheller who were close behind me on the leaderboard and Shannon who was a hole ahead but also cruising along. In the end, I was able to finish with a strong last couple of holes and a very mediocre 3 putt bogey on 18 handed me the victory.
Had a great time playing and seeing everyone in surprisingly comfortable weather. Here's hoping for good weather in a couple of weeks at Deer Valley.
Some other notes from the round:
-Kristina Weltzin with a great round and near victory, shooting 89 and only 1 behind the lead after playing 16-18 in 1 under.
-Shannon was right there with a T2 also, strong round but a bit of a stumble at the end that will surely fuel him to victory later in the season.
-After a rough stretch Matt battled his way back into the top 5 with a closing birdie on the tough par 5 18th.
-Sam Fenker had a strong front nine but came somewhat back to earth on the back for a top 5 finish.
-Sam Zagone had a very impressive back nine and found an intimate spot next to other sam on the leaderboard at t5.
-Austin battled a shaky ballstriking day and a ton of penalty strokes to a mid 80s round and t7 finish.
-Micah Dechambeau hit a drive on 14 that may have been fired with a potato gun. Good drive Micah, now can someone roll back golf ball technology so that the rest of us can compete.
-Jeremy Lewis continued his impressive streak of sub 100 rounds with a most mediocre award and a 97.
-Ran into Max on 11, he said he hit his first good drive of the day and it seemed to propel him to a very solid back nine including an 18th hole birdie, perhaps a sign of things to come at Deer Valley?
-Rod traded his hockey stick putter for a classic Odyssey Rossie 2, as those who follow him on facebook knew beforehand. Seemed to treat him pretty well but we'll all miss the "wiffle ball bat" sound of a pure putt from 30' with the old one.
-Closest to the pin went to Jason. 8 at Lake Windsor may be the toughest par 3 on the MGA rotation given the very much in play OB down the right.
-Also on #8, Tyler chipped in from 30y, expertly leveraging a goose turd to slow his ball just the right amount. Talk about a birdie.
-Sam Wauford broke a historic red tees streak, handing the key over to Angel Lopez who will be dangerous with his straight driving at Deer Valley.

Event Results

1.James Hickman88$1.71
2.Kristina Weltzin89$1.05
2.Shannon Lupton89$1.05
4.Matt Arduini90$0.86
5.Sam Fenker92$0.71
5.Sam Zagone92$0.71
7.Austin Pfundheller93$0.52
7.Micah Latty93$0.52
9.Keith Mallder96$0.38
10.Jeremy Lewis97$0.29
11.Sean McGee98$0.19
12.Max Wasserman99$0.10
13.Brandon Nontelle 102$0.07
13.Rod Knozzle102$0.07
13.Samuel Wauford102$0.07
16.Jeremy Weber105$0.03
17.Jason Natrop106$0.00
18.Tyler Ambroziak108$0.00
18.Jim Lukken108$0.00
20.Angel Lopez124$0.00