Chapter News

Madison The MGA 2020

On a muggy June day, Madison medios competed for the newest 'trophy'! A great turnout for this one, as 29 medios took over The Meadows of Six Mile Creek.

Once people checked their spam folders and saw my email from the day before with the updated pairings and showed up to the course, we were underway! For the second straight tournament we had a DQ, this time by Sam Zagone. He played out of his gourd and will be attempting to Monday Q into the KFT soon I'm sure.

There was some drama at the end, as James and Austin were tied for the win after Sam's DQ. However, James had some other seemingly important things to do (what could be more important than fake money, I don't know) and had to leave immediately after his round after playing in the first group. Since a playoff was out of the question, the tiebreaker came down to hole handicaps. Checking the scorecards, Austin had a par on the hardest hole while James made a bogey, so Austin took home the sweet new bling!

The other awards were won by Jim Lukken (Most Mediocre), Adam Allison (Biggest Meltdown), Jason 'Long Richard' Natrop (self-named, Longest Drive), Micah Latty (Closest to the Pin), Sam Zagone (Gross Award), and Samuel Wauford (Key to the Red Tee x3).

Thanks to everyone for a great event! Next up is the FORE! Championship on 7/11 at Lake Windsor!

Event Results

1.Austin Pfundheller87$1.35
2.James Hickman87$0.90
3.Mike Mallder90$0.75
4.Jeremy Lewis91$0.68
5.Micah Latty92$0.56
5.Matt Arduini92$0.56
7.Nell Lapres94$0.45
8.Rod Knozzle96$0.34
8.Jon Slaton96$0.34
10.Max Wasserman97$0.23
11.Brandon Nontelle 98$0.11
11.Shannon Lupton98$0.11
13.Jim Lukken104$0.06
13.Keith Mallder104$0.06
15.Sam Fenker105$0.03
15.Carl Gottgetreu105$0.03
15.Jeremy Weber105$0.03
18.Kristina Weltzin106$0.00
19.Jason Natrop107$0.00
20.Adam Allison113$0.00
20.Casey Willauer113$0.00
22.Angel Lopez116$0.00
23.Tyler Ambroziak119$0.00
24.Ron Marty120$0.00
25.Samuel Wauford121$0.00
28.Sam ZagoneDQ$0.00
28.Ken NortonDNF$0.00
28.Sean McGeeDNF$0.00