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Madison MGA: The MGA 2022

On Saturday, June 4th, 21 Medios gathered at Edelweiss to fight it out for The MGA. Austin walked away with this second straight win! Other winners on the day were Matt Kasper (Most Mediocre), Shannon Lupton (Meltdown, probably thinking about having to write all those little checks as the fill-in chapter leader), Jon Slaton (Longest Drive), Adam Allison (Closest to the Pin), Brandon Rutz (Gross Award), and Casey Willauer (Key to the Red Tee).

Thanks again to Shannon for filling in for me while I was out of town! I know he did a fantastic job.

Austin wrote up his win, which you can find below.


This tournament was a shitshow from the jump – I slept through both my alarms and had forgotten to charge my phone, so it immediately died and I had to navigate to Edelweiss while already well late of even a standard Austin arrival time just off memory from my two previous rounds there. Fortunately after tearing through the houses on the road approaching doing a casual 60 (surely visible to whichever group was teeing 3 as I passed), I arrived barely in time to catch the last group, after mine had already teed off, in order to tee off with them and then join my actual group. They allowed me to speed-golf my bogey on 1 and catch my group on the second tee.

At this point I was expecting absolutely nothing; Edelweiss is a course I’ve never played particularly well at, there’s a pretty big jump from white to blue tees there, and the conditions were difficult. After missing a comically short par putt on 2, I was the only member of my group not to lose a ball in the long grass right of 3, leading to a stabilizing par. During the ball search I also was able to catch sight of Adam’s tee shot on 4 to a respectable 18 feet or so; I knew that’d be particularly hard for Micah and I to beat playing that hole from another 6 yards back, but it went untouched by all 8 players behind him to earn a Closest to Pin win. I was at this point just scrapping under bogey golf and seemingly languishing behind a handful of players. Micah enjoyed an incredible run of luck as his tee shot on 5 was interrupted by a bunch of dudes on 3 shouting their drink orders to their friend who’d pulled up to the beverage cart at the 5th tee (guys, she’s gonna drive to the rest of the holes too, relax), then his tee shot on 6 which was absolutely bombed… into the long grass past the fairway and nearish to hole-high. James was similarly snakebitten as his tee shot relatively innocuously in the left rough among the trees went unfound for about ¾ of a hole, only until playing up 6 after finishing 5 with penalty.

After a disastrous 7th and 8th, and a blade-thin approach into 9, my expectations were once again through the floor. Things only got worse as I bogeyed 10 from perfect position with wedge in hand (a common theme), then 4-putted 11 for double courtesy of the actual dumbest pin position I can remember ever. Whichever greenskeeper at Edelweiss should seek counseling for whoever caused them such pain to drive them to put a hole there.

A par on 12 stopped the bleeding, but not for long as I short-sided myself off 13 tee for another bogey. At this point things were feeling hopeless as I saw Brandon comfortably stable at a better score to par and with more holes in the book than me; it seemed only fitting that I just compounded by taking driver on another long drive hole that a) shouldn’t be a long drive hole ever and b) isn’t a hole I’d ever use drive on normally… this went OB and led to another double, which also involved a downright ridiculous pin position that only seems remotely reasonable when juxtaposed with the abomination on 11. Congratulations to Slaton for a perfectly-placed drive that just barely held the fairway to hang on for a long drive win.

I limped through 15 and 16 assuming I was competing for nothing and was just happy to 2-putt 17 and 18 for 2 pars for a bit of dignity. Once in the clubhouse, interim Chapter Leader Shannon (proud Meltdown winner after an impressive 15 differential featuring a 12 on 10) informed me that, due to Brandon’s controversial number of penalty strokes, I was actually looking at another win. This I attribute mostly to being a disgusting sandbagger...I mean the MGA scoring dropping my DQ streak from late 2020 and thus weighting entirely my garbage season last year… this win was a product of extreme luck and rest assured that while bantering and writing this is enjoyable, I still feel an appropriate amount of shame for having stolen the MGA, bringing my MGA win total to 4, with 2 at Edelweiss and 2 at Sixmile, surprisingly.

As mentioned, Brandon sealed up a comfortable three-shot gross award win, Casey won the key to the red tee (in noble fashion, as many typical contenders shied away from the conditions). Matt Kasper rounded out the awards with a most mediocre finish.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Pleasant View, where I’ll attempt a comical three-peat in hopes of earning some sort of permanent position a tee behind.


(In a perfect bit of serendipity, my win at Edelweiss originally made it so that at time of writing, I would have been the Global Money List leader, which is a position I don’t expect to ever claim again but would have been fun to screenshot for a moment, but I also procrastinated long enough on this writeup that other chapters have notched their fourth events so that people have jumped me)

Event Results

1.Austin Pfundheller92$1.35
2.Brandon Rutz93$0.90
3.Adam Allison94$0.75
4.James Hickman97$0.64
4.Jon Slaton97$0.64
6.Micah Latty98$0.49
6.Kraig Knudson98$0.49
8.Allan Muzilla99$0.34
8.Matt Kasper99$0.34
10.Shannon Lupton101$0.19
10.Sam Fenker101$0.19
12.Matthew Allison102$0.07
12.Richard Allison102$0.07
14.JohnMark Fisher104$0.05
15.Jeremy Weber105$0.04
16.Carl Gottgetreu107$0.02
17.Jim Lukken108$0.00
18.Casey Willauer110$0.00
21.Gregg Velders DNF$0.00
21.Robert Tressler DNF$0.00
21.Ty MartinDNF$0.00