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Majors Wins Big At The MGA

After several attempts to win the "BIG" check in his last 5 events, Steve Majors gets it done at the MGA. He put a significant ass whoopin' on the rest of the guys to come out on top. With a 5 stroke lead at the turn we all knew it would take an exceptional mediocre back 9 to get the job done. That all proved to be just wishful thinking. Way to go Majors, we'll see you a tee box back at the Douchebag!!!

Ray Poer punched a straight drive on a fairly narrow fairway to win L.D., while Mark Johnson stuck one on for the Closest. Chuck would nab himself another Mediocre award for his 47/48. Mike Freeman melted down like Chernobyl, maybe next time buddy. Last (literally) but not least, Roger gets himself yet another Red Key.