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Malachi steals the thunder from El Matador’s return

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Everyone remembers their first time. The first kiss, the first beer, the first birdie. For an elite group of Mediocre Golfers there is also the first time you win a big check. Shortly after winning that big check ABQMGA newest winner received another first, his first taste of fame. He quickly learned that fame is a fickle bitch.

It all started innocent enough on May 20, 2017. Twenty-one Medios met for a leisurely round of golf at Desert Greens GC. The weather was great and as always everyone was excited to be out and celebrating the return of El Matador. What those Medios did not know was that the greenkeeper had apparently not had any intimate contact with his/her partner in a very, very, very long time. How do we know that? For starters, the pin placements were mean. Second, the pin placements sucked. Third, the pin placements were jacked up. Fourth the pin placements may have made at least 3 Medios cry and fifth the greens were fast. How can a pin placement make a man cry? Two word, seven putts. Now we are not going to name names (mostly because we don’t remember who it was), but at least 3 individuals had a 7-jack on the same hole.

So after four and half hours of spilling sweat and tears on the course one man was crowned champ, and that man was Malachi. Malachi’s only previous win was at the 2016 Wade Boggs Challenge where he showed everyone that he can play golf and drink a lot of beers. If you have ever played with him at a tourney you WILL remember him. If you have not, you will remember him as the guy who people sum up by saying “I played with this guy from Albuquerque and he got me so drunk I don’t think I can ever play with him again.”

 He is no longer just the guy who can drink and play golf, he is a champion. This champion has something to go with that golden spray painted batting helmet from the Wade Boggs win, he now has a piece of glass and a big ol piece of cardboard. As you will see form the pictures Mal is really happy and is even soaking in the fame taking pictures with people who are in awe of the Big Check. But Mal also saw the shitty side of fame as the haters came out of the shadows. Keep your head up Mal you won’t see the haters form the blue tees.