Chapter News

Matt Reaves ditches driver cruises to soggy Fore title in B'more

Despite nearly 10 inches of rain in the previous 5 days, and with rain showers on the day of ‘competition’, the Baltimore MGA contested its Fore Championship at Oak Creek Golf Club.  


12, no…11, nope- now 12, of Baltimore's bravest and now wettest Medios took to the course to see who would be champ, or at least, who could hit the least amount of crummy shots in the soggy conditions.  


The gem that is Oak Creek was turned into a swap, making play unreasonable and slightly ridiculous.  Golf shots, like wet newspapers being hit, resonated off the trees. Medios re-learned “Cart Path Only” is a 4-letter word, especially when you top your shot forward, 20 yards, on the far side of the fairway, in the knee-deep rough.  Par was a pipe dream, and had this been winter, snowmen (8) would have ruled the day!


Thankfully, it was lift-clean-place, but the fairways weren’t really in any real danger, as they are indeed, Medios.  Many, many hours later, ‘Mattmunee’ Reaves came out on top. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that the course would be playing tough as he shot an 86, annihilating the rest of the field.  Everyone else was in the 90s or worse, and judging by the mud on their clubs and pants, it looked more like the course won, and theirs was really just an ugly story of survival…


Bernard Settle literally went from 1st to worst.  Having won ‘The Bastards’ he got to move one set of tees back, and suffered greatly for it, shooting a 114.  For his troubles, he won the ‘Red Key’, and a property tax bill from the State of Maryland for the significant divots he made in the sloppy mess.


Long Drive was more like a splat, as Noah Kiehle’s drive landed like a canonball in a pool, and needed he shovel and pick-axe to dig his ball out of the fairway.


Meltdown Award was especially tough for James Wyatt as he lost his mind and more than a few golf balls on his way to a 19 shot difference, front 9 to back 9.


Everyone agreed, it was a terrible day for golf, but golf had been performed none the less…sort of.  They made a pact to ‘never speak of this again’…



Event Results

1.Matt Reaves86$1.28
2.Ian Alexander94$0.86
3.Noah Kiehle95$0.71
4.Mark Mickley96$0.61
4.Eric Bomgardner96$0.61
6.Aaron Hedetniemi98$0.46
6.Anthony E. Young98$0.46
8.Mat Coughlin99$0.36
9.Matt Cougle102$0.29
10.James Wyatt105$0.21
11.Garland Griswold108$0.14
12.Bernard Settle114$0.07