Chapter News

May is for MGA

After finishing 2nd to Dr. Bob at The MGA in '20, Comeback Carson pushed him to a playoff, only to come up short again...

IE gives OC a rematch after the slaughter fest from last season, and they get their widely contested revenge... 

And after a long anticipated visit to the Mothership of the SFMGA, El Presidente goes shanking and swimming... 

Corona, CA - May was really all about the MGA as our Inland Empire chapter met up with the Orange County MGA, for a battle on the border of the two counties at Green River. We hadn't visited this course as a group since our 1st tourney ever back in March of '17, so a friendly match with OC offered the perfect opportunity to return. Conditions were slightly below average-ish but the lack of houses to hit is always a plus. There were plenty of trees however and as our Stat of the Tournament, they got plenty of pelting, although not quite as many as I recall from years ago. Have we actually gotten better? A quick check of the scores indicates a resounding no, better look for another reason.  

So as mentioned, Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez was able to defend his big check from last season, and makes it an astounding 3 FOR 3 BIG CHECK DEFENSES in '21 !!! That's right, never before have we started out a season with the Same Winner from the Previous Year Winning Back to Back years, let alone three tourneys in a row. For a chapter that never really competes on the Global Money List because we have so many that regualarly compete with each other internally, it's a pretty suprising stat to say the least. Anyways, Dr. Bob and Brian Carson took their Net Tie 89 to a Putt Off and after a decent lag from say 30ft, Dr. Bob didn't give Brian a chance to miss a 3 footer as he drained his 1st Putt from Downtown. Game Blouses. (Vid on Instagram @ iemga)  

Also of Note, Rookie Justin Mallinckrodt DQ'd with a 78, and claimed his 2nd consecutive Low Gross in as many attempts. His penalty strokes mirror his apparent Godliness so we haven't given him too much shit, but he's also skipping off to play in his Korn Ferry qualifiers soon after so we rarely get the chance. Either way, nice round dude.  Johnny Daps, Tiger Garcia, and Bear rounded out the Top 5 and another Rookie, Paul Estrada, got his name on the radar with a 6th place finish, his highest yet. 

As far as the team match vs OC... 

We've always been on friendly terms since our inagural season in '17 when we went to meet up with them in the Desert, taking the spot of the now defunct Long Beach MGA in the team competition. Last years battle in OC at Black Gold was our 1st after the inital Covid layoff and was great to have some normalcy again. It was also nice to formally welcome Kenny Carlson in as the new CL of OC after a long and prosperous reign of now Born Hairy emcee fame, Toby Olsen. Anyways, Kenny had competed with us several times as a visiting Medio, so it was an easy transition for us and he's always been known as a stand up guy. But between last years reset and Covid boom, the all but total collapse of South OC and resulting defections, and Kenny's assumedly superb leadership and recruitment skills, OC's ranks have swelled to challenge for the largest chapter in California. And with some good always comes some bad...    

Judging by our foursome, as far as I knew everyone was having a wonderful time on another pleasant SoCal morning, with 60some Medios spread out over 2hours worth of tee times. But as the round progressed, texts started rolling in, and we crossed other groups who were making the best of it as always, but clearly thrown off. At the end of the round half the field was oblivious and stoked as always except about their scores, but the other half flat out accused their OC counterparts of selectively counting strokes and dressing horribly to boot. Talk about insult to injury. And these were all from guys who have NEVER accused such a thing.

Well when asked what I was gonna do about it, I replied, not a damn thing, wtf am I supposed to do? I wasn't there, you were. I already DQ'd myself last tourney after a viewer called in penalty a week later, and played the Blues yet again... I do all I can to keep things pretty legit. Problem is, most of our guys value having a good time over winning some small check for fake money, let alone meaningless bragging rights, so when they raise the, uh I think you miscounted, and OC adamantly Disagrees multiple times, at some point you just say whatever and try to enjoy your day. So as our awards had finished and OC was still coming in with more groups total, like 95% of our Medios left in mock protest of whatever the OC vs IE outcome was. Either that or more likely just oblivious or drunk and/or tired from hacking it up all day. But the prior certainly breeds more controversy. Regardless, turns out they just barely edged us out based on the scores that came in and cheered loudly in a circle jerk while three of us IE Medios said Congrats... Kinda.   

But all that aside, I gotta say No hard feelings here, not gonna let a few hands full of suspect scores sour the name of an otherwise decent chapter of Peeps. Whenever you grow that quickly you're gonna have growing pains and not everyone that joins is instantly a true Medio and really gets what this thing we're doing here is all about. And as I've found out over the years, the ones that do, stick around, and those that don't thankfully usually find their own way to the proverbial door (As evidenced by the sandbagging '20 GML Chump from OC who hasn't returned... too bad Butz hasn't got that Memo yet also) 

But as with any group you're gonna get that percentage of undesirables that you just wanna avoid, and at least in the MGA that number seems to kinda suprisingly less than 10%. I mean, alot of people think golf is a dbag magnet sport anyways, so for us to be able to weed out a majority of the traditional tools by some undiagnosed method of unnatural subtraction, we'll keep this train a rollin... and rollin up to San Fran is what this CL did. What should be a right of passage for any Medio, playing with SFMGA on their home turf is like walking into Yankee Stadium, but with delicious wine, and dangerously tasty cutwater spirits, and really friendly Medios in spite of their reputation of being hated and loudly boo'd every year at MGAWC.  Ya they win... alot... the tourney I guested it was nice to see South OC transplant Matt Telles take his 1st one since joining SF (Especially since he's a dead ringer for IE royalty Rickie Fowler) so it kinda felt like a win for the away team.  

It was also nice to see World Champ Bobby G play well although he had to settle for 2nd, and Todd "The Goat, and most hated man in the MGA" grabbed another top 5. What followed after was a laundry list of Mousehold names like Justin Davidson, Martin Brohm, Jesse Marty, Rob Koth and Kristie, Scott Sanders and the ever agreeable Kevin Williams. El Presidente on the other hand was still clearly in early season form and his goal to condition for racing by walking a hilly-ish course with tee boxes spread out a Napa Mile apart, may have backfired as he zig zagged his way to a middling outcome. Or maybe it was my drive long past everyone on the 1st that rattled the very core of San Fran's existence... so when they lose the Chapters Cup this year, you'll have the shot heard by three other Medios that reverberated throughout the North Bay like a racket ball struck poorly and the deafening sound crippled them FOR-EV-ER... and you'll have me to thank... ya let's stick with that. 

And To Round out the trip, I dragged a few SF Medios out to Bodega Bay and met up with my 4th CL of the month, resident Oakland hustler, Stacey Ward. Some convoluted three way round robin team skins involving parabolas and cube roots followed and to no ones surprise left Stacy the big winner. Luckily the dive bar down the road right below the church where the Birds was filmed, was happy enough to serve us winners and not winners alike. Good Dudes, Good Times, Good Bye for Now.

Event Results

1.Brian Lopez89$1.35
2.Brian Carson89$0.90
3.John Dapsis 90$0.71
3.Christopher Garcia90$0.71
5.Eric Matteson91$0.60
6.Shane Wells93$0.45
6.Paul Estrada 93$0.45
6.Howard Henry IV93$0.45
9.Robert Smith94$0.30
10.Gilbert Tiedt97$0.15
10.Andrew Dominici97$0.15
10.Mike Archer97$0.15
13.Tim Minamyer98$0.05
13.Pete Garcia 98$0.05
13.Jason Wells98$0.05
16.Josh Olson101$0.02
17.Brian Maronde102$0.00
18.Steve Woodland104$0.00
19.Tyler Vickers105$0.00
20.Graham Shelton108$0.00
21.Adam Bentz111$0.00
22.Scott Rau117$0.00
23.Richard Dunham127$0.00
24.Justin MallinckrodtDQ$0.00