Chapter News

Meet 2018 Rookie Class: Ryan Miller

What is your Name? Ryan Miller 

Do you have a nickname? No but if you need one then Millertime

What city you grow up in? Wilton CT

Where do you currently live? Downtown Madison

How did you hear about the MGA? Email from a coworker

What do you expect from the MGA? Some entertaining competitive golf

Where do you see yourself in 5 years of the MGA? Winning the money list of course

What is your greatest athletic moment? 3rd grade little league baseball, hitting a Grand Slam off the best pitcher in the league at the time

What is your most forgettable athletic moment? Dropping a 12 on the last hole of a high school golf match

Will you going to Vegas for the World Championship Nove 9-10? Maybe?

Ryan chose not to send a picture of himself so I chose one for him.  Please welcome Ryan to the Madison MGA