Chapter News

The MGA 2018

The MGA 2018 is in the books and we have our first 2 time winner this year .Mr Kevin Williams has done it again . Winner Winner chicken dinner . Mr Williams quote was exact ,, look out worlds here i come . Be afraid worlds Mga chapters . We had a great turn out of 9 4-somes that had a blast . The weather was hot but so where we ,, we had 3 people DQ because they shot under the 80 score thats allowed . Thanks to everybody for showing up . Bali Hai did a great job of handling us and our group . Thumbs up to them .

the top 4 finishers were in the same 4some so we are sending out a official score keeper next time out with them ,,hummmm. Kevin Williams, zack and randy Hartman and rob Melvin you are under official mga investigation .  Great job guys . This league is growing larger by the day and i just want to thank everybody for there support . You guys ask for a better course and Bali hai came through . Great support .

the Par 3 challenge still has Eric holding the money pot with 1ft 6 inches as the best shot on a par3 . Com’on guys ,, this challenge needs to be beaten . 2 rounds left to beat this mark. This money is for somebody to go to the worlds so lets win it! A hole in one would be nice. 

We wanted to thank Brian Hoisington for coming out of retirement to join us and thanks for winning that red key status . You the man !

the DQ club was Clint Cartwright , Bruce Morrill and Joe Neilson , Thanks guys for coming out and kicking our ass and yes i got to golf with 2 of these guys today . Real moral builder watching these 2 guys smack the ball

everything went well so thanks again , see everybody in 2 weeks for the douche bag . Boulder creek here we come. 

Event Results

1."The Kevin Williams"86$1.35
2.Zack Harman86$0.90
3.Rob Melvin87$0.75
4.Randy Harman88$0.68
5.Gabriel Rios89$0.53
5.Ej Krueger89$0.53
5.James Miyasato89$0.53
8.Anthony Carrillo90$0.38
9.Eric Lamont91$0.30
10.Ron Stoppable92$0.19
10.James Sheldonpape92$0.19
12.Josh James93$0.07
12.Heather Gorey93$0.07
12.Brian Eller93$0.07
15.Garth Meacham94$0.04
16.Eric Callner95$0.02
16.Jordan Jarvis95$0.02
16.Robert Vallecillo95$0.02
19.Christopher Twist98$0.00
20.Scott Flanigan99$0.00
20.Robert Shannon99$0.00
22.Brian Sweeney100$0.00
23.Sharon Witt101$0.00
24.Scott Ferguson103$0.00
25.Aaron Cross109$0.00
26.Rich Young113$0.00
27.Brian Hoisington117$0.00
30.Clint CartwrightDQ$0.00
30.Bruce MorrillDQ$0.00
30.Joe NeilsonDQ$0.00