Chapter News

The MGA Brings Out Some Major Champions

IEMGA Rookie Medio Ryan Davis becomes the 1st Two-Time Winner of 2018 after he emerges victorious from a playoff of attrition vs Jeff Muesse (who shot his 2nd best round ever !!!)


The cream of the crop rose to the top as 8 of the top 11 Spots went to Medios in the TOP 10 on the CML 


AND BA BUM PA DAAAAA ... The Two Top 10 Medios on the season that didn't finish there, did because... WE HAD OUR 1st TWO DQ's !!! 



SAN JACINTO, CA- On yet another warm summer morning in the IE, Thirtysomething Medios gathered at Soboba Springs Country Club to thoroughly enjoy the newly rennovated layout and contest the last major of the year. The new section of the "Casino 9" especially 13, 14, & 15 is a three hole stretch equaled by very few in the area. It's no wonder they used to have pro events out here. Hopefully they'll get one back with their Back Tees measuring 7300+ yards and their 641 yd Par 5 15th. Anyways, other than some typical late summer issues on a few holes, the course played well and the staff was as accomodating as we've come across, all in all, a course that will definitely find it's way back onto our calendar. Anyways... On with the Show...

Our 8:30am Shotgun start got slightly delayed by the local Men's club, but while waiting around we actually did an Instagram LiveStream (@iemga)  which several Medios happened to catch, including some of everyone's favorite chapter, Yellowknife. If you missed it, there was some general mulling around and shit talking until the first group was announced before (or during) everyone scrambling to their starting holes. Our "Premium group" of the day consisted of 2018 Bratish Open Champion Bratty Timmy, playing from the Blacks, 2017 FU Open Champion, Dr. Bob, who made a less-than-inspiring comeback by topping a ball about 20ft off of the 1st tee, 2018 Fore Champion and eventual MGA Champion Ryan Davis, And.... according to announcer and defending MGA Champion CL Jstar, "Champion Of Nothing" Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia.   

Due to a few bad breaks such as skinny trees eating balls, Mediocre Tiger actually had his worst iemga tournament finish to date... 10th place. Going back to the beginning of our chapter, Chris has actually strung together a staggering 14 Top 10's in a row. HE HAS NEVER FINISHED OUTSIDE THE TOP 10 !!! And with Wild Turkey missing his Magical B-day Round (36 on 8/18/18) to be in a wedding, and injuries to a few other OG's (Danny & Lawrence) Chris has now become the ONLY Medio (other than CL Jstar) to play in every tournament in IEMGA's history!!! Congrats for having no life outside of the MGA... HaHaha... But In all sincerity, Chris does alot behind the scenes and his enthusism embracing the Mediocre Spirit is what made him our 2017 Mediocre Golfer of the Year. Thanks for being such a big part of this Bud. 

Our very own British Aspiring Supervillan Neil Ashworth shot his best tournament round to date 87 (89 net) and coupled with Brian Carson's unexpected Red Key Performance, Neil has grabbed the coveted 10th spot on the Chapter Money List away from Brian. With only two tournaments left, the top spot may be just about locked up by Tommy Gun (T-4th) but the Top 10 is still within reach for Many-a-Medio. Brian will be looking to reclaim his spot in the Top 10 at the Dbag though, as the Reds play some 700 yds shorter... An 82 or 83 from him wouldn't be that suprising, and we could potentially have our 1st Red Key to Big Check Winner! But we'll soon see if that'll actually pan out.

Brian Whitworth on the other hand, scoffed at playing the Silver Fox tees after winning the Red Key at the Bratish and rebounded well with a 95 and T-12th. This was Brian's 1st time breaking 100 on the year and consequentially his 1st time finishing in the money. As 1 of only 9 Medios to make every tournament this year, We hope he brings his swagger to MGAWC18 as he could play his way through the LO-IQ on Intimidation alone... Although I have yet to have the honor, I've heard he's a blast to play with, Plus He's a good guy to have if someone drunkingly wanders a block to far from the Golden Nugget.     

On a sadder note, we said goodbye to Medio Lt. Dan Peters as he begins his transfer to the Pittsburgh MGA. Battling through an injury, his last tourney of the year with us was his worst score to date, but he went out in class as he brought some Kirkland 12 packs to give away to the Medios who scored closest to him, which I believe went to Steve "Woody" Woodland and Ricky "Dick" Dunham. I'm glad we got to play your last round together. So Long, Farewell, and hope to see ya at MGAWC19 !!! 

Event Results

1.Ryan Davis87$1.35
2.Jeff Muesse87$0.90
3.Dave Young88$0.75
4.Devin Hundley89$0.60
4.Neil Ashworth89$0.60
4.Tommy Cochran89$0.60
7.Lyman King91$0.41
7.Tim Minamyer91$0.41
9.Eric Matteson92$0.30
10.J "far from a star" Olson94$0.19
10.Christopher Garcia94$0.19
12.Brian Whitworth95$0.07
12.Jason Moyer95$0.07
12.Elliott Browne95$0.07
15.Graham Shelton97$0.04
16.Brian Lopez98$0.02
17.Chad Youngquist99$0.00
18.Markus Doll100$0.00
19.Howard Henry IV103$0.00
20.Josh Schuler104$0.00
21.Gilbert Tiedt105$0.00
22.Matthew Denaple106$0.00
23.Mike Kemp111$0.00
24.Steve Woodland112$0.00
25.Daniel Peters114$0.00
26.Richard Dunham115$0.00
27.Brian Carson125$0.00
29.Tanner HenryDQ$0.00
29.Kyle RossiDQ$0.00