Chapter News

MGA Championship RESULTS!!!

Well, it was hot as fuck for the MGA and your genius chapter leader scheduled the event for a 1pm start.  It was 100 degrees today, which in Minnesota terms is basically like playing golf on the surface of the sun.  This has to be an MGA record- playing our first tourney in 34 degrees and snow- to our 3rd tourney at 100 degrees and sunny. 

Anyway---  We had a tie for the championship, with Brad Olsson and Jake Chalcraft both putting up a net score of 97.   They both agreed that any real kind of tie break that would require them to leave the bar and go back out in the sun wasn't going to we flipped a coin, and Brad took home the medallion and the big check!

Jake picked up the gross award with a 89.

The newest and coolest member of the chapter, JP, wins closest to the pin.  JP also has the best golf cart ever, which is basically a motorcycle, which was the talk of the course.

Nick Dodge takes home long drive (which should make us all want to quit golf forever).

Dodge also takes home the meltdown AND key to the red tee.  Congrats on being terrible, Dodgey!