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The MGA charleston style

And just like that we're back with the MGA’s second Major of the year.  The Charleston MGA traveled all the way up to Litchfield Golf & Country club to show them how we do it in the Chuck (poorly). With last year's champ out for reasons, it was anybody’s to win it.

This year was another record field for the Charleston MGA with 30 players fighting for the Gold Medallion, but only one could walk away with it. But we’ll get to him later. First let’s talk about some of the other winners. In very last place and earning himself a Key to the Red tees, with his first start of the 2024 season, is Mr. David Bennet, shooting a 128. Looks like those lessons are really paying off. Just passing David and sharing the second to last place “trophy” We have David Frazier and Ross Couch. Good Job Fellas, way to suck a little less. Winning the Low Gross award, we have a three-way tie between CL Matt Lee, Matt Cabe, and Thomas Howell. CL can keep adding to that Low Gross tree that none of us care about, and his strokes. With her first win of anything on the MGA tour Kinsey Shealy stuck it to an incredible 20’ 8.25” to walk away with the Closest to the Pin award.  I don’t think anyone else must have even hit the green. Our biggest meltdown winner (because CL forgot that some of us started on the back) is Josh Thigpen with a difference of 11. And our Most Mediocre is Barrett Winter, in a group of some of the most mediocre golfers Charleston has to offer, you really rose to the middle. Oh, and last but not least Jason U da Man (I’m not looking up how to spell your last name) wins the 50/50 taking home our largest pot yet, $180. But when you buy $100 worth of tickets you better win.


               And now what you’ve all Ben waiting for your winner of 2024 Charleston MGA. Taking home, honestly one of the cooler trophies, and beating out rivals Matt and Peachy, Mr. Sim Pro himself BEN MASUGA!!! Shooting an 88 and also scooping up Long Drive, Ben has won his 3rdMGA event in as many years with the league. He is also now a 2-time Major Champion on the MGA Tour and The Chapter Money Leader.  And still somehow doesn’t have strokes as of the writing of this article. Congrats Ben. But Good Luck next month playing back. Next month we will be teeing off once again in Litchfield, this time at the Founders Club. Until then hit’em straightish.

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