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The MGA as explained by AB

Woke up quick, at about eight

Almost forgot we playin at Downriver today

We gotta take some swings before the tourney starts

So we take the range and load up the carts


Marshall calls the group, we set up on the tees

Then the Spokane crew starts sprayin drives in the trees

Our favorite guy Lance had some shakey knees,

He’d end up with the meltdown and key to the red tees


Long drive was on 7, play it high and straight

And in comes Wyatt blasting a two eighty-eight

Liquid death and beers flowing, we was havin fun doe

 Knocking one pin-high, KP goes to Johnny Hundo


Draining putts, and playin from the blues with his sticks

Andy Butler DQs with a gas station, 76

It was gangsta gangsta, and he ain’t no joker

Right in the middle Blake Miller snags most mediocre.


Cart pulls up with the winner, who can it be?

A fresh mofo, chapter leader Scotty KG

He raised his glass and he started to say,

It’s all about winning that MGA.


Cause the boys in the club are always hard,

You come talkin that trash, we won’t sign your card.

Knowin nothin in life but to be legit,

We’ll see you at the FU, ready to talk some shit.


For those of you keeping track at home, Scott Kaulig grabs his second Major win and is one away from a grand slam. Congrats to him on the W and hope to see everyone at Latah in a few weeks!!


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