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MGA 'Ship a Hack for the Ages

Chris Pulls of Birthday Miracle after Disastrous 1st to Score First Win 

Well, we hacked our way through one heck of a tough course. Roughs were....rough. Water was....wet. 

New Medio and Birthday MAN Chris, used all that Birthday magic (after hole #1) to pull off a birthday win! It was a hard fought battle through 9 with several players in the running for their first big checks, but then....the back 9. The local scuba club will be spending hours fishing our poorly aimed tee shots out of the water. 

KC MGA may be looking at renaming the "Gross" Award the "The Charlie," after another dominating performance only to be knee-capped by the handicap! 

Previous tournament Red Key winner Nick "Don't talk about my" Crabtree pulled off a stunning double Closest Too and Longest award win! 

In what is by far the KC MGA biggest meltdown (it may not be, but I'm not going to go look) in chapter history with a +14 on the back, barely edging out Jacob for the Meltdown and playing what could be considered the most Mediocre golf of the weekend! 

Congrats to Chris for his first win! 

June's Tournament is the FU Open, HIGHLY ENCOURAGED wearing your most patriotic apparel. 

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