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MGA- Threepeat for Glenn!

Serious question here...has ANY person in the history of the MGA ever won three consecutive tournaments?  Well, our chapter has a guy...

It began with incredible weather and a gorgeous course.  Springdale is one of the most challenging courses in Western North Carolina and after posting our scores, it was confirmed!  We had a new member, Nat show up and show out in his first appearance, taking the "Gross Award" along with another newbie, Kade.  Long time Medio John Taylor played some inspired golf and took home the "kinda close" sticker.  Another new Medio, Darryl, came out swinging hard and crushed the longest drive of the day to win the "kinda long" prize.  I witnessed the biggest meltdown in person as I watched Ravin take 30 full seconds to place a ball on the tee on the 17th hole.  The man was shook.  And we can't leave out Red Key winner Murph, whose Carolina Hurricanes are going to lose to the Florida Panthers (sorry Jonathan, low hanging fruit).  

But the story of the day, along with Robbie running a par train with his stiff shaft on the back nine as he shot his way to Most Mediocre, was the third consecutive victory by our very own, Glenn "three-peat" Person.  Unfazed by playing from the blues, he uncorked steady shot after steady shot to place first yet again.  Per MGA rules, Glenn is going to have to play from two sets of tees back for the next tournament.  Quote from the rule book- "Stop being so damn good!".  Sorry, Glenn.

Our next event takes place at Reems Creek, June 17th.  Start time is 10 AM.  It's our first Saturday event and it's another major.  The F.U. (Freedom and Unity) Tournament is a summer classic and should be attended by as many of you as possible.  I scheduled it the day BEFORE Father's Day so please do what I am going to do and ask your wives to allow (the use of this word is key if you wish to remain married for a long time) you to play golf Saturday so you can enjoy your families on Sunday.  It will work.  Trust me.

Finally, I can't thank all of you enough for joining the MGA and coming out to play golf.  I appreciate the support from all of you.  After the last tournament, I was feeling a bit disheveled about how I royally messed up the awards.  Please remember, I am open to all suggestions, critiques, and help (and any good natured shit talking is also welcome).  I'm still learning how to run a chapter so thanks for the patience.  Awards were passed out and I even adjusted the standings this morning after Burton offered some advice (I found the DNF button!).    Hey, this time I got the winner right!  I even gave him his medal fuck I forgot the BIG CHECK!

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