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MGAWC Cut Line Eases Into Focus

THE INTERNET, CA - With the field mostly kinda set and all the regular season events mostly kinda done, we are able to mostly kinda predict where the cut line will be for MGAWC23.

It turns out 17th is the magic number; however the cut line still might jump to 16th if there are a few last minute sign ups. But since when are medios known to be prone to procrastination?

Here's how the 288 medio field currently breaks down:

Spots 1-45: Chapter Leaders who are attending. They matter most.

46-54: Nine qualifiers from last year's Born Hairy Tour Championship. They finished top 16 and earned their spots!

55-175: Medios who won at least one event in their home chapter this year.

176-236: Medios who didn't win an event, but finished top 10 on their Chapter Money List.

237-248: Medios who finished 11th on their CML.

249-255: Medios who finished 12th.

256-263: Lucky 13th.

264-266: 14th

267-275: 15th

276-284: 16th

285-288: 17th

That's it. We packed Revere to the gills and this is where the line currently falls.

Please note, there are 5 medios registered who finished 18th on their Chapter Money List and just found out they won't have a shot at The Belt this year. If you know any of the players below, please check in on them tonight and maybe go to their house to remove any sharp objects...

Goran Najdenovski from Cleveland

Jonathan Dennehy from DFW

Joey St. Germain from Tallahassee

Brian Madrid from Las Vegas

Robbie O from San Francisco

Also, much to the dismay of the 17th place medios, we do have a few spots still available.

We plan to close registration for good on Monday Oct 30th. So if you want in, go to and sign up NOW.

If you just found out that you're in the Born Hairy and would like to switch your practice round over to Arroyo, you can email to take care of that.

Congrats to those who snuck into the field. You lucky S.O.B.s!

El Presidente

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