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MGAWC Registration Mumbo Jumbo

THE INTERNET, CA- As not promised, MGAWC registration will now open August 2nd at Check out the video below so you know what the hell you're signing up for when you pick the package of your dreams next Monday.

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No offense, but it kinda sucks that those of us who won an event in 2020 and didn't get a shot at the belt, don't auto qualify for this year's MGAWC.

We would need a 400 player field to accommodate winners from 20 and 21. Covid took away a lot more than ones ability to play for an ugly yellow belt.

If the Belt field does not fill up, why not go first to the 2020 winners before letting in those who finished 11th etc... on money list?

Because it's 2021 now.

It does suck.

I moved but if I crack the top 10 in another chapter besides my home chapter would I still be able to battle for the belt?

Actually going by the video El Presidente posted it sounds like they would NOT need 400 slots if giving an entry to 2020 winners. Not EVERYONE can make there is that... And Every year they end up going down the list of (Chapter Money List) to try to fill up spots. So I agree that they should allow 2020 winners! Not that it matters to me since I havent won

Quick question to our glorious, outstanding, "El Jefe" Leader. I played one game with my chapter, then, l played few games with other chapters. How do you calculate my ranking position to know whether it not l'm fighting for the belt? Take your time, Jefe, l'm just an insignificant subordinate.