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MGAWC21 We See You Delta...

Greetings Medios,

Are you pumped for MGAWC21?! Don’t answer that, because I already know you are based on the record levels of pestering in the last month. I’m OK with the pestering BTW. It lets me know you care.

As you may have heard, Vegas just re-introduced an indoor mask requirement. So far, this doesn’t change a whole lot about our event, since 98% of it will be held outdoors. However, it does serve as a reminder that Covid will still be around come November and it will likely have some effect on our event. So I’m pulling my head out of the sand long enough to tell you about how we plan to handle everything, so that you can make an informed decision before registering (or not registering) on Monday.

First and foremost, just as we play by all USGA rules, we will obviously follow any mask rules and guidelines set by the state, hotel, golf course and bus company. If Vegas is open, this event is happening and we'll update you a few weeks before it with new restrictions. Beyond that, the measures described below are personal steps we’ve chosen to take and they will be in place so long as a single Covid case remains in the US in November.



The busses are our only “indoor event”. I even considered skipping them this year; that is until I took a trip to Vegas recently and found it was impossible to get a Lyft or Uber at the airport. I ended up having to take a *GASP* cab!

So the busses will live on. Even though we already typically have extra room on the busses, we're going to get an additional bus to allow everyone to spread out a little more. You will need to wear a mask to ride the bus and you’ll get a commemorative MGAWC mask in your swag bag. One CL had the idea for chapters to make their own masks with their chapter logo on it, which I like a lot and will definitely be doing for SF.



We will be sharing carts. I have confirmed with the courses that all the carts can have their windshields flipped down for ultimate ventilation and HD vision. The courses also have plexiglass dividers that can be installed upon request. Since this will be the year of special requests (don’t get used to it) I’m going to take it one step further and let people select a few options to get a pairing they’re comfortable with.

Not only can you request to be paired with another vaccinated person, but if you would like a sober group you can request that as well.

Now those of you who just sprayed a shocked mist of beer all over your computer screen may feel like this goes against everything the MGA stands for. You would be wrong. Sober people are humans too, just trying to keep it together while sucking at golf just as much as you do.

There will be a link on the registration pages that will take you to an online form where you can submit your preferences (if you have any).



With the elimination of the LOIQ, there will be no snacks/awards gathering after round 1 on Friday. That one always felt a bit forced anyways, so we'll just load up the busses and head back to the hotel for some R&R.

The Thursday Night Party and the Saturday Awards Ceremony will both be held outside on the pool deck at the Downtown Grand. There should be plenty of room for social distancing and as a last resort, you are welcome to climb up into one of the lifeguard chairs to get some space.

So that’s the plan. As I stated, we're sticking with these measures even if Covid feels like a distant memory come November (seems unlikely). I hope this works for you and if it doesn’t, we’ll see you for MGAWC22 when things can hopefully return to normal!


El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley


Registration will open Monday, August 2nd on at 6PM Pacific time.

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