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MGAWC22 Is 74.07% Full

THE INTERNET - It's been a busy week here at MGA World Headquarters. The majority of my time has been spent shaking my head at the 56% of medios who purchased a deposit, but didn't put their chapter in the notes section at checkout (as requested in the deposit product description). I mean, I guess I should be pleased, since my prediction was that 69% of people would fail to do it.

But yea, sign-ups have been STRONG! With 320 crappy golfers already registered, it looks like we will easily cruise past last year's record field of 345. We have room for 432 medios (288 in the MGAWC and 144 in the Born Hairy) and I would like nothing more than to pack this fucker to the gills!

Go to to gather all the info you need and then talk to your buddies. If it's a go, lock in your spot by either putting down a deposit or paying in full.

See you in Vegas!

El Presidente


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