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Midseason update: Young money taking over Ft. Myers, a grand slam completed, a new Bastard

It was an eventful couple of months in the Fort Myers MGA. Kelso keeps winning to take home his first trucker's cap. Dear Leader picked up a case of the COVID and was absent for the youngest champ in MGA history taking home the MGA Championship bling. Finally, Tim was able to get the FU monkey off his back to complete the grand slam.

THE BASTARDS -- Kelso continued his impressive run on the tour in the Bastards. He fired off an 82 gross/86 net to take home the Blue Trucker's Cap. Only thing stopping this juggernaut is his penalty strokes and the DQ line.

THE MGA -- It's a young money takeover. Nick Gunn has become the youngest ever MGA champion. Chapter Leader Sean Hart was sad to have missed this historic moment. F.U. COVID.

FU OPEN -- Finally, Tim has completed the grand slam of majors, finally besting everyone else to get the FU Open trophy that had eluded him thus far.

Another footnote is that Tim and Nick are Ft. Myers' first father-son champions duo.

FU Results embedded below:

Event Results

1.Timothy Gunn85$1.35
2.Chris Holland89$0.90
3.Chad Johnson90$0.75
4.John Kelso92$0.68
5.Stephen Seagly94$0.60
6.Mike Dutschke96$0.49
6.Kevin olivo96$0.49
8.AJ Grace100$0.34
8.Chris Dohrn100$0.34
10.douglas leitch101$0.19
10.Nick Gunn101$0.19
12.Gabriel Quidera104$0.07
12.Sean Hart104$0.07
14.Stephan Starnes106$0.05
15.erik knudsen107$0.03
15.Chris Dutch107$0.03
17.John Fitzpatrick109$0.00
18.Austin Baker110$0.00
19.Ty Lenardson 112$0.00
19.Andrew Starnes112$0.00
21.Peter Knoth115$0.00
22.Frank Petrizze118$0.00
23.Joel Paasch 119$0.00
24.Victor Hernandez121$0.00