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Morse Rolls On!

This Write-Up Brought to You By: The MGABoston Chapter Reporter

The biggest story of the day was the joyous discovery that Hillview Golf Course had regained its liquor license and was able to sell adult beverages to a collection of medios looking for a little extra courage for the year’s second major.  The second biggest story was the biblical amount of pollen distributed by the wind, leaving everyone a shade of yellowy-green on their way off the course.  


I suppose you might also want to know how the golf turned out.

2019 is quickly turning into the year of Dan Morse.  The season started with Dan at the top of the list of ‘Best Player Never to Win’, which he shrugged off in the first event of the year with a 1 stroke victory in the Am-Am.  We thought the blue tees put him back in his place, but the transition from Sergio Garcia-like to Brooks Koepka-like has seemingly happened overnight, as he blitzed the field to the tune of a 5 stroke victory in the 2019 MGA championship.  By some miracle, he has yet to pick up any penalty strokes, which has many Boston challengers wondering if the abacus housed within the MGA site is still working.  If this trend continues, we could see long standing Boston records start to fall.

After years away in parts-unknown, P.F. Chang announced his return to Boston and staked his claim to as many awards as he could, taking the Long Drive and impressively tying for the Low Net award while also sharing the Meltdown award, en route to a 3rd overall finish.  


Scully took advantage of his home course knowledge to notch a 4th place finish; with Vin Ferraro, just trying to keep Morse within his sights on the Chapter Money List, placing 2nd.

A newcomer broke into the top 10 for the first time this year, with Matt McDonough placing 6th.  Oh what could have been for Matt, who took a costly 7 on the 18th hole (a par 3); perhaps it was karma for showing up nearly an hour later than the instructed time noted in the pre-round email from the CL. 

The final group of the day put on a much finer display on the par 3 18th.  With Terry Boland sticking his tee shot to a foot and a half, drawing much applause from the crowd surrounding the last green.  Not to be outdone, brother Matt Boland stepped up and rolled his approach even closer!  To Matt’s dismay, there was little fan-fare, as most were still buzzing about the elder Boland’s majestic shot.  Next up was Vin Ferraro, whose ho-hum shot (to about 5ft.) received no applause whatsoever.  Seeming to justify the lack of enthusiasm for Ferraro’s approach, he promptly missed the birdie putt to close out the day.  Hey, tap in pars are good too!

Wrapping up the awards:  Glenn Lemieux finished solo 13th snagging the Most Mediocre, 

Mark Moriarty took home Closest to the Pin helping secure a solo 15th place finish,

and the Key to the Red tee returned to its rightful owner - Derek Peabody.  We’ll have to see if the Red Key continues to propel Peabody’s rollercoaster season, with finishes of Last/3rd/Last.


Event Results

1.Daniel Morse85$1.35
2.Vin Ferraro90$0.90
3.Shaoyu Xue91$0.75
4.Jonathan Scully92$0.68
5.Michael Halbach94$0.60
6.Justin Limoli95$0.45
6.Matt McDonough95$0.45
6.Andrew Southgate95$0.45
9.Terry Boland96$0.26
9.Andrew Gordon96$0.26
11.Matt Boland97$0.15
12.Colin Quigley99$0.08
13.Glenn Lemieux101$0.07
14.William T. Gergits102$0.05
15.Mark Moriarty105$0.04
16.Christos Christopoulos 107$0.02
16.Christopher Higgins107$0.02
16.Ryan Park107$0.02
16.austin smith107$0.02
20.Padraic Lacey108$0.00
20.Jeff Gallino108$0.00
22.Bobby Sprouts115$0.00
22.Eric Haney115$0.00
24.Derek Peabody119$0.00