Chapter News

Mr. Byrns is Excellent

      Perfect Monarch Bay weather set the stage for Brad Byrns to hang an 80 on the links style course. Running away with a pair of jugs on his beautiful Claret Jug and massive check for $1.26000!  A 3 over 38 on the front 9 and a 5 over 42 on the back powered Mr. Byrns to a beautiful 80 and overall 81 with a penalty stroke. Brad's abilities will be tested next tourney from the blues and now 4 penalty strokes! Speaking of blues. J.J. Minioza showed up from the blues with an 82! With 7 penalty strokes added for an adjusted MGA 89. The key to the REDS came in a tie, as father and son, Bill and Jake Bailey both went for 119s. Unlocking the an opportunity at Metro for new PRs for these young(er) rising stars. Eight PMGAers went under 90 in our club! Joe Hollister(guest) 78, Brad Byrns 80, Alex Bowman 80, Joe Munn 82, J.J. Minioza 82, Mike Drews 83, Tyler Marshall 85, and Andrew Chan 86. Congrats to those F#%ckin' sand bagggers. Closest to the pin went to Bobby LeClair. While longest drive was never official becuase our special leader left the longest drive a little to far out with his name on it. For future reference I never hit the fairway, just assume I dont count. Anyway Joe Munn who never has broken 90 dropped an 82 on our humble league. Most medio is Larry Morgan and Joe Pags got biggest meltdown. Joe went 45, 61, a 16 stroke meltdown and more than lack of concentration. Great job men. Next adventure is August 16 at Metropolitan in Oakland, first teetime is 11:00. Till then. Kisses