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To the Mryder Cup and Beyond

The iemga duffs another one off of the 1st tee, to start our 5th season with some familiar faces and the ever present mediocre scores of being Kinda Ok   


In our 2nd edition of the Intra squad Mattle for the Mryder Cup, the Young Guns (YG's) end in a 7-7 tie with the OG's to RETAIN the Cup....


You Bastards... 



San Jacinto, CA-  The Country Club at Soboba Springs hosted the '21 pre-season outing for the IEMGA. The course was in excellent condition and the weather was just lovely. Prime season in the IE. Great to get back out to this hidden gem. 

Was so glad to be back out after our "long" off-season that didn't get many pics, but I'll throw a quick recap out here for posterity sake. Matches were split between Stroke, Match, and Scramble Play. The Young Guns (roughly Medios from year 2 and on) won the cup in '19 and thus had tiebreaker. 

Scramble Play

OG's Tiger Garcia & Comeback Carson WIN vs YG's Woody Wood & Devin Hundley  1-0 OG's

OG's Wild Turkey & Gramicane LOSE vs YG's Pain Train & Kerp 1-1 YG's

Match Play

OG Jstar WINS 6 & 5 vs YG Andrew Dominici  2-1 OG's

OG Tim Min WINS vs YG Markus Doll  3-1 OG's

OG Ricky Dick LOSES vs YG Pistol Pete  3-2 OG's

Stroke Play

OG Captain Dr. Bob LOSES vs YG Captain Neil "007" Ashworth  3-3 YG's

OG Mike Archer LOSES vs YG Eric "Bear" Matteson  4-3 YG's

OG Johnny "Two Gloves" Dapsis LOSES  vs YG Rookie Bobby 5-3 YG's



Team Points were also awarded for the 1st time for winning proximity challanges. We had kinda close to the pin on all four Par 3's, and a Kinda Long Drive and Kinda Long Putt on the same hole, the Par 5 15th. 

OG Tim Minamyer was the Mryder Cup Star of the Day by not only winning his match, but by taking points on Kinda Long Drive and a Kinda Close to the Pin to lead the entire field with his 3 team points on the day. SCORE 5-5 YG's 


But Sadly, I waited too long to write this article and now I'm not really sure who won the other proximities... 

I think Tiger Garcia might have won the Kinda Long Putt to put us up 6-5 OG's 

And even after it was squared up 6 - 6 with a likely Kinda Close from Neil... The OG's thought they had it won with their own Kinda Close from Johnny Daps? 7-6 ...

But the celebration was short lived as basic math prevailed and the last missing kinda close marker was determined to go to YG Pistol Pete Garcia to even the score up for a final of OG's 7- YG's 7 and tie went to the Cup holding YG's. Congrats on another hard fought down to the wire battle. Great one for the pages of IEMGA history.

And for the Beyond...

The 2021 IEMGA Rebel Beach Am-Am is rapidly approaching so lets get signed back up for the season and registered ASAP. Any and all non dbag new Medios welcome! Really looking forward to the anticipated slate of courses this season starting out with the recently resureccted Rancho Del Sol. An unprecedented break from the home of The Bastards will bring some extra excitement to Dr. Bob's 2nd attempt to be our 1st Medio to win the career Mrand Slam. And as the season progresses expect to see a few courses we haven't seen since '17 along with a couple we have yet to play. Thanks to everyone for hanging in with us last year and excited for an improving social calendar this season, even if the golf stays Mediocre as Fuck. Smooches.