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Much like a Wizard...

"A post event write up from a chapter leader is never late...nor is it early.  It arrives precisely when it means to."- Jeremy Wilson and maybe Gandalf

this guy finally won one                                                                 ADAM BATES wins the season long "money" trophy     


The epic first season came to an unfortunate anticlimactic conclusion as the five hour plus cart path only round that exhausted much time leaving our medios hungry, tired and needing to get home before their significant others and offspring killed them.  The few members that remained were treated to an unceremonious trophy/check awards presentation in true Mediocre fashion from the trunk of the chapter leaders car in the parking lot as the sun faded.    But, we wont let an crappy ending ruin a great season (The Sopranos anyone?) and look forward to the start of the 2023 season of the Aiken MGA chapter.         




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