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Neil DeChambeau wins a Major while Dr. Bob Ponders What Could Have Been

An excerpt from an Intercepted Radio Transmission... "007 to MI6 ... Repeat 007 to MI6... I Have Successfully Infiltrated the IEMGA and now have captured my first Major, awaiting further instructions..."  


Multiple Medios Meltdown


And although he didn't become our 1st Medio to complete the career Mrand Slam, Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez all but locked up the CML 

JURUPA VALLEY, CA- On the 180th or so rainless day in a row without a cloud in the sky, the IEMGA headed to Indian Hills Golf Club for the fourth consecutive year to contest the years first major last, due to the COVID rescheduling. Temperatures felt slightly warmer than predicted on the front, but also as predicted, the back 9 afternoon breezes kicked up like clockwork as soon as we hit the 10th tee box and weather was a non factor on the way in. What definitely was a factor however were the late summer course conditions. I'm definitely not one to hammer on this as I'm far from our most discerning member when it comes to the greenery, but the hard pack dirt bunkers definitely caused multiple Medios mulitiple shots on multiple occasions and the lies in the "fairways" often wasn't much better. For a course we've played every year this was by far the worst we've seen it and I definitely got much detailed feedback as if I wasn't also there and didn't play the course as well. My fallback usually is always, we all deal with the same things so good or bad it's still fair, but had I known maybe we would have employed a more bureaucratic approach that allowed for some lift and place across the field. But all of that is now in the past and we have our 2020 Bastards Champion so lets see how we got there. 

Bastards week kicked off with the Mraditional Par 3ish challenge at Van Buren on Wednesday evening. Even though the course is basically an unkept goat field, it really is a fun casual affair that I wish we could find a way to attract a few more Medios to. Last year CL Jstar beat 5 other Medios to claim the trophy and this year OG Tim Minamyer bested one less to walk away with the smallest trophy we could find. But the range was packed and vibes were poppin off, giving the post round chill for drinks some semblance of normality that has been as elusive as a Malbatross this year. Really great time, hope a few more Medios can make it next year.  

So on Bastards Saturday, with straight mid-day tee times and no range at the course, Medios arrived slightly more staggered than usual as many scattered to hit up some nearby practice facilities, as if it would actually help when there's no grass under your ball on the course. HaHa sorry, there was obviously grass but anyways, course got us all out without hassle and pace of play was never a problem throughout the day. Most Medios even played fairly well on the front, well except for Devin who struggled from the get go and capped it off with a 12 on the dreaded 9th. Coming into the round sitting at 3rd on the CML, his front 9 53 all but had him out of contention, if nothing else mentally, and shots at the turn were duly in order.  

Several other Medios also had their fits with the 9th as Howie actually hit a shot from the dry lake bed (video upcoming on Instagram @iemga) and others questioned whether to take their carts directly to their cars at the turn. Luckily, everyone soldiered through this time and we had no DNF's. 

Like I mentioned, the Back 9 ushered in it's unfair share of Meltdown's with Multiple Medios droppin 10+ strokes overall, let alone the single hole disasters that were rampant. On the Par 3 11th, Jstar played hopscotch back and forth between the bunkers and carded an 8. Rookie Brian Maronde did the same thing and walked away with a 12. Jason Moyer Meven Mar on the Front but dropped another Ten on the back aided by his grip and rip attempts on the Kinda Long Drive hole. Wild Turkeys Meltdown actually started slightly earlier on the 8th by not realizing the drainage ditch was a free drop, twice. Even after that stumble an always impressive Mirdie on the 9th had him at Meven Mar also but he leaned into his crossfade and put an additional +8 on the back. But 2018 Mediocre Golfer of the Year Howie Henry IV out did them all and won the Meltdown award outright with a 45/60 for a tough 15 stroke stumble. At least it's been good to see him back out hackin' with us. 

However it wasn't all bad for "the family". While Devin and Howie struggled, Steve "Woody Wood" came through the gauntlet of shitty lies to claim his best finish ever in 3rd place! Funny that prior to this year the only other time he has cracked the Top 10 in a tourney was also at Indian Hills back in 2018. Sometimes a course just sets itself up to your game... 

and sometimes it doesn't... unfortunately that was the case for our DBAG Champ Rookie Bobby, who shot a surprising 111(+2) from the Blue Tees that weren't much longer than the whites. Rookie Medio Tyler Vickers playing in his first IEMGA tournament ever narrowly missed out on the Red Key as his reported 12.5 HCP didn't translate to the scorecard and he came in with a disappointing 112 (+5). But it was another Rookie's time to out duel him as Andrew Dominici joined with an alleged single digit handicap but has been moving steadily in the opposite direction as his 117 (+10 !!!!) netted him a 127 and his 1st Red Key. He was completely honest as soon as he joined that he had put his best scores in for his handicap rather than his most recent ones out of overcaution to not come across as a sandbagger. This has actually been the general rule rather than the exception in our chapter, as way more times people have scores that don't include all OB's and things can change when you have to make all your putts. Regardless, they both were thanked publicly for their honestly/overestimation of their kinda ok golf skills.  

RPD claimed Kinda Close to the Pin while Jstar claimed Kinda Long Drive and Pistol Pete picked up the returned Kinda Long Putt.  And Lastly, we had a bit of a 1,2,3 Battle goin for the CML in a paring and Dr. Bob's tie for Low Gross with our Champ Neil has just about sealed his victory. 2017 CML Champion Jstar currently sits in 2nd place and is the only Medio who can catch him and needs to win the Last Gasp for his 3rd time in 4 years in order to pass him. In addition to winning he also needs Dr. Bob to either DQ or finish no higher than 12th place to claim his 2nd CML title. Boy would that be sweet but it likely ain't gonna happen. You've played a heck of a year and it's been fun having ya at every event for the first time. 8 for 8 tourney club is quite an achievement in its own. Anyways I ain't giving up hope completely just yet but you've played a great season and are well desrving if that's how it ends. Congrats before I'm too bitter to muster the words.... haha jk.    

Event Results

1.Neil Ashworth88$1.26
2.Brian Carson89$0.84
3.Brian Lopez93$0.67
3.Steve Woodland93$0.67
5.Christopher Garcia94$0.56
6.Ryan Davis97$0.42
6.Colin Lawrence97$0.42
6.Josh Olson97$0.42
9.Jeff Olson98$0.25
9.John Dapsis 98$0.25
11.Pete Garcia 99$0.14
12.Jason Moyer100$0.05
12.Dave Young100$0.05
12.Eric Matteson100$0.05
12.Shane Wells100$0.05
16.Mike Archer102$0.02
17.Howard Henry IV105$0.00
18.Devin Hundley107$0.00
19.Robert Smith113$0.00
19.Brian Maronde113$0.00
21.Tyler Vickers117$0.00
22.Andrew Dominici127$0.00