Chapter News

Neil Kicks Ass and Finds Bronze Ticket!

I was looking forward to this day for several reasons, Star Wars day, the beverage cart, our first Major of the season and near the bottom and, I was finally going to golf with Neil.  He has been one of the more consistant mediocre golfers in our chapter and I figured if I could stay with him, I had a chance to win!  I fucked that all up real quick, back to Neil.  I was informed early in the morning that he was moving and this would be his last event with the Madison chapter.  As the round was playing out I was mentally preparing a speech for his departure.  I ended up forgetting most of it and that ended up being just fine.  Now here is what Neil had to say to fill in the gaps.  

Ever since I joined the MGA, I've had a single goal: set the record for the most majors ever won. Nearly three years later, I'd learned that I have no idea if anyone is even tracking that stat, and winning on the MGA tour is harder than I'd thought. Despite several pitifully small keychains, that first major title eluded me until this past Saturday. The wait made the victory that much sweeter though. Well, that and the trucker hat of course.
They might be some of the game's most mediocre golfers, but their some of its best beer drinkers and friends, and I'm honored to be a champion among them. I assume much like Tiger Woods, I'll soon be given some sort of presidential medal?
Also winning a trip to the MGA World Championship was pretty dope, did I mention that? Can't believe they just give that away to guy who literally 4-putted the second green of the day. See you all in Vegas!!!