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A new Bastard is born

The 2018 Bastards had more ties than 18 years of Father's day "gifts". With a shotgun start and 22 players we launched into play promptly-ish at 930.
Jeff "Snow" Gee followed in big brother JJ's footsteps by securing his first win on the tour! He did it in spectacular fashion with a one shot winner take all shootout with newcomer Tom Wilkes. Jeff stuck his shot tight. The adrenaline & Captain Morgan coursing through his veins got the best of Tom with his airmailed attempt at his first W.
Pace of play got the best of us again and the 120 year old Marshall hovered like a vulture prodding our group to finish in a mere 5 and a half hours.
Side Piece with 20 medios opting in for the side action closest to the pin and skins games, there was $200 up for grabs! Tom got deep inside Jeff on the 15th hole to earn him a crisp Benjamin. Jason Dangel and Jeff split the skins with only 2 out both were Meagles. Thanks to three guys presumably working as strippers the night before it made for a great show as I made it rain on Jason.
Ties starting at first with Jeff and Tom having to shootout to decide the champion, there were ties all the way down the board. Amy Fields posted her highest placement to date locking horns with Bret Fuller in third place. David Arcia, Kal Kalamas, and Mark Eads secured a solid 6th place tied finish. 9th place was a crowded four way tie between Bruce Campbell, Bill Cusick, Carl Canestrano, and Jason Dangel. 13th place was a lucky number with Chris Adams melting way down on the back and Curtis Owen melting way up on back nine to average out and match scores.
The Breakfast of "winners" Thanks to Bill Cusick sojourning to other chapters and bringing back new ideas and customs from foreign lands, we celebrated our second annual breakfast of "winners". (Thanks Tallahassee) 2017 Bastards winner Carl Canestrano hosted past Bastards Bill Cusick and Chris Adams with beautiful meal of fried spam, biscuits and beer. The bar has been set for Jeff Gee to start menu planning now, a year goes by quickly!
Sponsored by Ed Morse Cadillac of Tampa Make sure to thank our generous sponsor, Ed Morse Cadillac! Stalk us on social media Hashtag your event snaps with #tpabastards18 tag your friends and become kinda famous!

Event Results

1.Jeff Gee90$1.26
2.Tom Wilkes90$0.84
3.Bret Fuller96$0.67
3.Amy Fields96$0.67
5.Ariel Rodriguez99$0.56
6.David Arcia101$0.42
6.Kal Kalamas101$0.42
6.Mark Eads101$0.42
9.Bill Cusick104$0.18
9.Bruce Campbell104$0.18
9.Carl Canestrano104$0.18
9.Jason Dangel104$0.18
13.Adams .108$0.06
13.Curtis Owen108$0.06
15.Ryan Fredericks 113$0.04
16.Juan Marengo116$0.02
17.Rich Holden117$0.00
18.Glen Hallowell122$0.00
19.Joey Charles129$0.00
20.Luke Molenda139$0.00
21.Brian CampbellDNF$0.00

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Tough day Bill!