Chapter News

New guy takes CL's approach shot to nuts, settles out of court for 6 cents

Fort Myers teed off its tenth season on Saturday April 9th at Majestic Golf Club. It was not without incident as tour rookie failed to dodge Dear Leader's approach shot on 15 and took a Hex Tour to the marbles to welcome him to the MGA. Fortunately he was willing to take a settlement, trading his 105 for an 11th place finish and 6 cents.

In all, 22 medios showed up for a way-too-early tee time to battle for the two-headed trophies. In spite of ridiculous winds a few of us (not your Chapter Leader obviously) finished with scores in the 80s. With water heavily in play in the slice zone on every hole, plenty of MGA-used golf balls will be showing up on EBay one day.

Victor Hernandez (another new guy) found his swing on the 16th hole just in time to be closest to the pin. Andrew Starnes and Mike Dutschke had the biggest meltdowns at an impressive 11-stroke differential between front and back. Moose absolutely smoked his tee shot on 17 to take home the longest drive.

This was our first visit to Majestic, and they took good care of us. Greens fees were exceptionally reasonable and we got a discount on a hot dog and beer at the turn. Thanks to club owner Jere Carrick who was a great host for our event.

Onto the winners. This was the day of the Original Shanksters. Chad Johnson and Gabe Quidera teamed up to make a clean sweep of the top prizes. Johnson's 85 was good enough to take first place by two strokes. Their combined 186 edged the 2nd place teams by a single stroke. Congrats on your first Am-Am victory!

Event Results

1.Chad Johnson85$1.12
2.Nick Gunn87$0.68
2.Arthur Jackson87$0.68
4.Chris Holland94$0.56
5.Stephen Seagly96$0.50
6.AJ Grace98$0.43
7.douglas leitch99$0.37
8.Chris Dohrn100$0.31
9.Gabriel Quidera101$0.25
10.Timothy Gunn104$0.16
10.Craig Zoellick104$0.16
12.Peter Knoth105$0.06
13.erik knudsen106$0.06
14.Rick Downs108$0.04
15.Sean Hart109$0.02
15.Chris Dutch109$0.02
17.Mike Dutschke110$0.00
18.Andrew Starnes111$0.00
19.Dylan Stramaglio118$0.00
20.Michael Hobbs120$0.00
21.Victor Hernandez121$0.00
22.Curtis Horton150$0.00