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A New Trophy for Eric.....F.U.

The Knoxville MGA held their 6th annual F.U. (Freedom and Unity) Open on June 20th at Three Ridges Golf Course. Hole #2 proved to be a tough, maybe even the toughest hole of the day! As Bill, Allen, and Joe all shot triples on the big dog leg left Par 5. As for Scott, Darrell, Max, settled in for 9's on the day, but to be out done by Shelly, as she took the hole with a 10, making that the first 10 of the day and put her in contention for the most 10s on the day trophy! She joined the likes of Darrell, Korey, and Charles! The long drive hole got a little hairy, as Korey must have taken driving the golf cart lesson from the chapter, as he was all over the hole like a drunk drive......this is all hear say.....might have to ask him what really happen! We did have two shots of the day.....1st was Shelly playing hole #14, but her ball ended up on the tee box of hole #15, as she goes to hit it, she drills the water cooler putting her ball just short of the green. 2nd shot of the day was made by Korey who chipped his ball onto the green and the divot went up and over him and the cart, landing in Charles golf bag on the cart.......We can't teach this stuff!

The overall Winner was Eric New after shooting an 86 on the day and winning his first MGA trophy of his career. He also took home the gross award.


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Shout out to #LiquidDeath .......The Knoxville MGA Chapter loved the waters!


Event Results

1.Eric New88$1.35
2.Jason Bowers90$0.90
3.Scott McCarty92$0.68
3.Martin Niezgoda92$0.68
3.Mark Love92$0.68
6.John Henley93$0.53
7.Junior Wiggins 95$0.45
8.Sean Fay97$0.34
8.Brandon Wise97$0.34
10.Cody Mckee98$0.23
11.Justin Paul99$0.11
11.Alex Cruze99$0.11
13.Joe Ontiveros101$0.06
13.Allen Aldridge 101$0.06
15.Chris Ruth102$0.03
15.Bill Hickman102$0.03
15.Spencer Orick102$0.03
18.David Ashburn105$0.00
19.Dave Keener107$0.00
20.Max Raterman108$0.00
21.Fred Tipton113$0.00
22.Jake Bandel114$0.00
23.Korey Whitlock119$0.00
24.Shelly Henley137$0.00
25.Darrell Roberts139$0.00
26.Charles Norris142$0.00