Chapter News

Nick is denied a DQ by torrential rain... and poor putting

Cummings Cove received eight inches of rain over the two days before the Asheville FORE! (at least that's what the pro shop told me, looked more like five inches max to me), resulting in a track where you could take relief from casual water... well almost anywhere, and that all bunkers were to be played as ground under repair. Former World Champion Nick Hinton used his otter-like capabilities to pull well clear of the pack to win his first tournament for the year.

Despite the previous few days of horrible weather, ten brave medios, including three newcomers, showed up to take on the soggy monster. Oh, and Sim, who seems to show up from time to time, this time to take a magic slide in the mud.

Despite being the only member of his group to find the fairway on the first hole Patrick managed to keep his stranglehold on the key to the red tee, turning in a magnificent 171 and nearly breaking the MGA score entry system which doesn't allow for scores over 99 to be entered for a single nine. Tomas bludgeioned his way to 134, and since he was in the foursome where the rest finished first, second and third, I have to think some of those strokes belonged to others. Newcomer Michael was handicapped by having to drive the Chapter Leader around the course, and picked up his trash talking game on the back nine just as his fell apart. Richard had the double handicap of playing with the Chapter Leader and sharing a cart with the muddy presence of Sim, and how he got away with 115 is a miracle.

Newcomer James Poole collected the Mediocre award with a big 103, showing form that should have him shedding penatly strokes like nobody's business.

The pressure of the blue tees caught up with Iain, whose +8 diference on the back nine made him a clear leader in the meltown.

Chapter Leader George made the mistake of finding too many wet fairways, and a strong finish kept the round just under 100, good for fourth place.

Ray and Steven took full advantage of being in the first group out, and thus not having the pressure of being able to see the other medios self-destruction. A big tie for second, and Ray picked up his first money clip - poor oversight by your Chapter Leader to not notice that the tees were way back on the 10th turning it into a 170-yard monstrosity with all water.

The day belonged to Nick - at the beginning of the season, Nick told me his goal was to DQ. There has never been a DQ in an Asheville MGA event - and he three-putted the final green to lose his chance at glory. 81 for the gross, a booming long drive, and a 9 stroke lead. Disappointed and dejected by merely winning, his misery was compounded by not winning the bronze ticket.

Next up for Asheville MGA is the F.U. at Reems Creek. Last year's F.U. was an epic battle between George, Iain and Nick.  It's looking good for a big tournament on June 24.

Event Results

1.Nick Hinton83$1.07
2.Steven Edwards92$0.65
2.Ray Brookfield92$0.65
4.George Heard96$0.53
5.Iain Orr99$0.48
6.James Poole103$0.42
7.Richard Brooks115$0.36
8.Michael Newman125$0.30
9.Tomas Seijo134$0.24
10.Patrick Pohl171$0.18