Chapter News

Nick says F.U. to the F.U. and his inability to D.Q.

Deined a D.Q. by shooting an exact 80 and setting a new record for Asheville MGA, Nick declined the trophy and the Big Check. He still won, so take that, former MGA World Champion Nick Hinton.

The 2018 F.U. really brought out the most mediocre in the Asheville chapter. The number confirmed started at 10, and plummeted in the week before, leading to four medios and one guest actually putting in an appearance. It appears many of the Chapter Leader's emails were going to spam, whch is probably the best place for them.

A beautiful clear day (well, except for the torrential downpour that came just as we were playing the last three holes), and a course in great condition gave Nick hope that he could be the first Asheville player to record a DQ. A strong final few holes by Iain turned it into a tense finish, and after the penalty strokes were taken into consideration, Nick has his second win in a row, and his third win of the season. Most of his trophies are still at the Chapter Leader's apartment.  Nick added a gross award and a kinda long to his swag... I have them when you are ready, Nick.

Iain took a lesson, and managed to knock 13 strokes off his FORE! score, picking up another second place and a kinda close. Iain got into the spirit of the tournament bringing a sleeve of red, white and blue Callaway Chrome Softs, some of which now belong to the forest surrounding Reems Creek, and will be treasured by the local deer and bears.

The less said of George's day, the better.  Another Most Mediocre for the collection.

Tomas returned to his red-tee winning form with a 131 and a meltdown.

The Bratish is Sunday, July 15th at Broadmoor golf club, and should be an exciting contest - Nick has six penalty strokes and will be playing from the tees for the previous hole. Could be a chance for a first time champion!


Event Results

1.Nick Hinton84$0.34
2.Iain Orr85$0.23
3.George Heard103$0.19
4.Tomas Seijo131$0.17