Chapter News

Norman Wins 1st Career MGA Tournament....Figures it would be the Douche!

On September 8th, The Knoxville MGA held their 4th annual DBI (Douche Bag Invitational) at Three Ridges Golf Course. Another hot and humid day here, day 247 still no change or rain!

Hole #1 was a difficult one for a lot of us…..but Brandon Wise and Jason Howerton it was just down right U. G. L. Y! Brandon teed off and hooked it left and waaaay left into the trees! He then decided to take the lost ball and hit the driver off the deck and skies it almost as far as it went high! Another lost ball and he is now on double digits! Jason Howerton, however landed his ball on the green in four shots (hey we are mediocre, that is an achievement in itself) the down side, he 6 putted to a crowd pleasing 10! Brock on the other hand, enjoyed hole #1 as he crushed his second shot and put it one foot from the hole for the first meagle on the day!

Hole #2 Lumberjack Brandon was back at it again! He hooks TWO MORE balls into the woods from the tee box, that is 4 lost balls in two holes, making the turn I saw him in his truck looking for more balls to donate to the course!

Austin Putt started the day off really well, going only 4 over after 6 holes, but I don’t know if some of Brandon’s hooks got to him or not, has he scored two 7’s on the next par 3s! He did however hit a great drive on #9, but with the fairway up hill, left himself with a bad lie. Ball was a few feet above his feet, he swings with everything he had, losing his balance and sending a laser of a shot down the fairway …… that dents the cart sign and bounces back a few yards……’re still out Austin!

Sand traps were rough to Brock and Brandon, as each one of them looked like they were digging holes to bury their balls instead getting them out! Brandon made it look like a sandstorm trying to get his ball out and Brock only took three whiffs at it to score an eight on hole #2!

This new guy we got for this tournament, don’t know if you heard of him, Scott Norman? He came out today and had 9 pars (mars?) on the day! The Scott we know, was working on a sleeve of meltdown award balls! He ended the day with a 84 on the day! Earning his very first MGA Tournament Win of the Season and Career! Congrats you Douche! Speaking of Douches, you will see Scott with a little check for the win, that is not normal in the MGA, our Douche of the Chapter (Chapter Leader) brought the wrong check! So, we rewarded Scott with the smallest one we could find!

Event Results

1.Scott Norman85$1.35
2.Jason Pruitt86$0.90
3.Brock Graham89$0.68
3.John Henley89$0.68
3.Allen Aldridge 89$0.68
6.Justin Paul90$0.53
7.Rick Thompson91$0.38
7.Van Heflin91$0.38
7.Scott McCarty91$0.38
10.Jason Bowers92$0.23
11.Fred Tipton95$0.11
11.Korey Whitlock95$0.11
13.Eric New96$0.07
14.Garry Weaver 97$0.05
14.Dave Keener97$0.05
16.Austin Putt98$0.02
17.James Lawhead99$0.00
18.Patrick Stambaugh100$0.00
18.Andrew Millett100$0.00
20.Sean Fay101$0.00
21.Daniel Tabor103$0.00
22.Brandon Wise106$0.00
23.Spencer Orick109$0.00
24.Sarah Hammer111$0.00
25.Medardo Ambriz112$0.00
26.Brittany Chamberlain 113$0.00
27.Torrie Orick117$0.00
28.Jason Howerton121$0.00
29.Adam Martinez DNF$0.00