Chapter News

North Dallas chapter says "F.U."

In what can only be called an epic display of our great nations colors, the North Dallas chapter dressed to impress.  Flags flew, eagles sored and gigantic scores were all on display at The Plantation GC in Frisco, TX.  For two patriotic Medios, 18 holes was not enough to determine this year's winner as Lance "New Guy" Pownall and Jeremy "Gunshow" Ramey tied with an 88. In the end and 3 puttoff holes later, Lance Pownall took the big check.  In other news, DFW chapter leader Geoff Scott proved to be "Most Mediocre", while Ross Gillispie was "kinda long", and Jeff Aschenbrenner was "kinda close".  

On the other end of the spectrum, in what can only be described as the MGA daily double, Mike Cummings took the Biggest Meltdown, and snatched the Red Key from Andrew Mixon (135) with a massive 144..............blah blah blah James Cannon (78) was Gross.