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North Dallas debunks ticker myth

The critics said it would never happen, it wasnt possible. On what was only the begging of a long Memorial Day weekend for North Dallas in 2019, it was done.
It happened. The North Dallas Member ticker turned to 100. The more than than mediocre MGA site did not crash, El Pres did not get assassinated, World war 3 has not broken out as of yet and Medios around the world were spared from the often talked about tales of terror had the triple digit line been crossed. "God Help Us" says Co chapter leader Greg Madrid. "I desperately feared for the safety of everyone as the milestone approached and became a reality". JRAM says "There are a lot of Medios who made this happen. Even I am amazed at how many crappy golfers there are in the North Texas area". Well done Medios!! Now that the milestone is out of the way, let's wrap 2019 in a bow by playing the best kinda alright golf we can.