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Not the Normal Gloom This June

Cover Shot from Dr. Alister MacKenzie's Northwood Golf Club, which although incredibly awe inspiring, is somehow not located in all the splender that is known as the Inland Empire. But it sure was a nice way to start off the month, and to provide this patriotic into to this years F.U. Open. 

No, there was no actual Doom with the aforementioned Gloom, but we did say a kinda solemn goodbye to a few Medios... but happily with the MGA, it doesn't have to be a farewell, just a see ya later this year in Vegas! 

Oh and some golf was played, and a schmamiliar OG finally found their way back to the top, while a new one found the bottom. 


BEAUMONT, CA-  With our normal seasonal Marine Layer no where to be seen at the eastern edge of the IE proper, The Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon - Legends Course, held this years 3rd Major. Formally the home of both The Fore! '17 and The Bratish Open '18 (on different courses of which they have two), Tukwet became the first place to host three different tournaments for us. It's really not the ideal FU course in my mind but the one that is, ended up being available in July not June, and instead of flipping tourney themes and rustling MGA feathers, we just played it as it lied, and enjoyed it as we always do... I honestly am probably the only one who even considers these things anyways.  

But on with the show, and what a show it was. As mentioned it was a bit of a lovefest for Dom who played in his last IE tourney before relocating back up North, but in the Mediocre amount of time he was with us, he kinda found a home and the missing of him to it is mutual. We also somehow lost another Medio in the work shuffle, Chris "Kerp" Kerpan chose the scorching heat of Arizona's deserts to our own, and slipped out without any fanfare or a fitting cheers and salud! So while he is likely to resurface in one of the Phoenix area chapters next season, Luckily he should be rejoining our team in Vegas at MGAWC'21 for one last final hurrah! Well... at least until another one next year, cheers! 

Pete cracked the Top 10 for his 1st time in this his 2nd season with us. A bunch of regular haunts populated the rest of the leaderboard, with the only big suprise being the Top Spot, but I'm gonna keep y'all in suspense a lil more for that one... there's a chance that some four months later, half of you probably forgot who even won this one... well Bear who nabbed his 2nd 2nd place of the year, and the Low Gross probably remembers... wink wink. 

Rick "The Comeback Kid" Plascencia, playing in his first tourney obviously did get the memo comin in, as another Rookie Scott "Red Key" Rau, clearly recruited someone he thought he could pass that key off to and by chance it actually worked! The comeback kid will be looking to pay back the favor next tourney from the Lady Tees. 

Neil "007" Ashworth won another Kinda Close to the Pin and will not be pictured because he gets enough face time as it is... just makes all of us sick... that intoxicating mix of power and ellegence... he wants you to boo him but somehow its only ever done half-heartedly. Markus however did a thing, Kinda Long Putt and got this Mediocre ass prize. 

But without further ado... Chris "Tiger' Garcia took advantage of his vast local course knowledge, and shot his 2nd best tounament round ever to finally grabbed his long awaited 2nd Big Check (Last Gasp '18). Last time at Tukwet he nearly lost out in a 4-hole playoff with Brian Carson at the DBag, but this time he would not be denied. With already a storied career in the chapter, it was nice to see him get another one in and jump to the top of the Chapter Money List for his 1st time ever. Will yet another accolade be in his future? Most Mediocre / Improved / Unimproved Tiger ... just can't keep up with all the monikers, or his score at the F.U.!!!  Atta Boy, Cheers!

So since the site isn't liking me just tacking pictures on at the end for some reason...  

I guess we'll do it this way... 

With a lil more of this...

and some more of this...

thinkin' maybe close off with this...

but can't forget this...

and how could you say no to a face like this? 

Or this? We Outty 5000...

Event Results

1.Christopher Garcia86$1.35
2.Eric Matteson88$0.90
3.Neil Ashworth92$0.75
4.Tommy Cochran93$0.64
4.Brian Carson93$0.64
6.Devin Hundley94$0.53
7.Robert Smith95$0.45
8.Josh Olson98$0.26
8.Howard Henry IV98$0.26
8.John Dapsis 98$0.26
8.Pete Garcia 98$0.26
12.Markus Doll101$0.08
13.Brian Maronde102$0.07
14.Steve Woodland103$0.04
14.Jeff Olson103$0.04
14.Justin Mallinckrodt103$0.04
17.Gilbert Tiedt104$0.00
18.Tyler Vickers108$0.00
18.Graham Shelton108$0.00
18.Brian Lopez108$0.00
21.Andrew Dominici113$0.00
22.Scott Rau117$0.00
23.Rick Plascencia127$0.00