Chapter News

Once a Bastard.....Always a Bastard!

The 10th ranked chapter in the world (by number of players) finally got their Bastards Tournament in! After bad weather and that furry little thing that brings candy, The Knoxville MGA Bastards was held on April 28th at Lambert Acres! Apparently Fred didn’t get the memo that Easter was over as he was wearing some outfit! Some people called it light red…..some called it salmon……but after all said and done…..its freaking PINK Fred!! LOL!

The Bastards started off with a BOOM! As our fabulous chapter leader was driving the cart off hole #3 on the Orange course, he made a quick left onto the cart path and hit a root, making it hard to turn the wheel back over, before we knew it, Sean and the cart were going flying in the air heading for a tree and the rocks along side of the cart path! Like something out of Jackass the Movie, the cart landed on the big rock shooting Sean out of the cart towards the tree! Luckily nobody was hurt and Sean was still able to walk over and putt in for par!

Hole #5 (Orange) Danny was one shot from picking up as his drive went into the high stuff, then Danny was helping out the grounds crew by weed whacking the grass three times before getting his ball out! He then tapped it in for a crowd pleasing 9! Same hole had Brittany hit two great shots…..on the green in 2!.....NOT so fast as she then proceed to 5 putt for a stellar 7! Korey also had a rough time getting off the tee box after taking a shot of Crown…..didn’t help! He hit his driver making a divot that went farther the ball! The ball went about 2 clubs length making him tee up again from the same tee box with his second shot going about 30 yards out!

Hole # 6 (Orange) Patrick found his way onto the green finally after skipping his ball about 9 times across the pond, finishing it out for a 7 on that short par 3! Two holes later Patrick then hit a great drive and good approach only to chip 7 times to finally get it on the green!

Longest drive went to Jason Pruitt as he was on in two, but in normal Pruitt fashion….he 3 putted and walked away with par! Mark Love won the Closest to the Pin as he put one about 3 feet from the hole for an easy tap in for birdie and the jackpot money winner! Longest Putt wen to Fred Tipton as he slammed a 25 footer home for birdie!

It was a great tournament!

A special Thank You to Lacey Renee Photography, as she was able to capture all our photos for this tournament!

Looking forward to the next toward at Patriot Hills on May 19th at 9:00am (SHTGUN START)

Event Results

1.Sean Fay83$1.26
2.Spencer Orick85$0.84
3.Rick Thompson86$0.70
4.Mark Kotrys87$0.63
5.Mark Love89$0.56
6.Sarah Hammer90$0.46
6.Fred Tipton90$0.46
8.Brock Graham92$0.25
8.John Henley92$0.25
8.Scott Norman92$0.25
8.Jason Pruitt92$0.25
12.Van Heflin93$0.07
12.Garry Weaver 93$0.07
14.Tom Bethel94$0.05
15.Andrew Millett95$0.04
16.Justin Paul96$0.02
16.Korey Whitlock96$0.02
16.James Lawhead96$0.02
16.Daniel Tabor96$0.02
16.Brandon Wise96$0.02
16.Troy Price96$0.02
22.Jason Bowers100$0.00
22.Mike Spooner100$0.00
22.Adam Martinez 100$0.00
22.Eric New100$0.00
26.Jason Howerton103$0.00
26.Patrick Stambaugh103$0.00
28.Torrie Orick104$0.00
29.Dave Keener110$0.00
30.Brittany Chamberlain 111$0.00
31.Larry Echols115$0.00