Chapter News

One Rob To Rule Them All

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - It's over. Finally. It's over...

Rob Kristie is the 2018 SFMGA Money Champ. But man, what a weird ass road we took to get here.

The eight tourneys this year were all won by some dude named Robert. It almost seems impossible really, but looking back they did fire a warning shot at last year's MGAWC, when our Chapters Cup Heroes were Rob Nguyen, Rob Koth and Bob Giosso.

Almost as shocking as their dominance is the fact that only one tournament this year went to a playoff and the man who nearly prevented the clean sweep was none other than Mike Fucking Novak. But alas, he buckled under the pressure and 2018 will forever be known as The Year Of The Rob.

Let's just hope they can maintain their strong form for one more month so the rest of us SFMGAers can get a little sumpin sumpin out of it in the way of a Medio Cup and Chapters Cup title. Wouldn't hurt if one of them wanted to bring The Belt back to SF either. Just sayin...